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These multiple-choice questions are conveniently arranged by subjectso you can work through just the areas where you need practice, or all 1001 problems.A full, step-by-step solution is provided for each problem.Jim and the others in his unit, as well as all military serving the U.S., have our utmost respect and appreciation. It has a broad application area ranging from microscopic organisms to common household appliances, transportation vehicles, power generation systems, and even philosophy.

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What is the change in internal energy Well, were going to use the First Law. It says 60 joules of work is done on a gas so thats work done on the gas.

2500 Solved Problems In Thermodynamics Plus The Work

So 60 joules has to be positive, and so this is plus the work. But why do we care Why do we care about the change in internal energy of the gas Well heres something important. This means if the temperature goes up, the internal energy goes up.

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