Sound Blaster X Fi 5.1

Well saw all the rave review on this unit and thought since it was external the "noise" factor would not be an issue. Boy was I wrong. I had to modify the unit to get it to sound good (get to that in a minute). This is the first sound card where I was like what the heck is going on!?! Constant chittering and chirping. Turned off wifi, still there, turned off bluetooth in computer, less but still there. Repositioned unit all around my desk still there, but lower in other parts, though I could live with it, but it slowly nawed at me..till ...I had enough, I was either gonna fix it or smash it with a hammer, thats how bad the chirping was.Knowing that "grounding" and "shielding" is a good thing in electronics, I opened the unit up, and found literally no shielding at all...nothing..just a bare circuit board. The only "ground" was the usb connector, but the rest of the audio jacks were not solidly grounded or shielded. Basically on desk top computer the "io shield" also acts as a ground to your computer case, so this in fact had no actually way to prevent the chirping. So i grabbed some aluminum foil, use to top of the unit to trace a rough cut, then flipped it and pushed the foil till the screw clips punched through the foil then glued all the edges of the foil, and let it harden over night.The next evening, tried out my new "shielding and grounding" solution...FINALLY!!

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