Spider Man Edge Of Time Ps3

"Fight today, save tomorrow." -The game's tagline. Spider-Man: Edge Of Time is a video game developed by the Activision-owned developer Beenox, based on the superhero Spider-Man. It was released on October 4, 2011 in North America and on October 14, 2011 in Europe. 1Plot1.1Part 1 - Avoiding The Death Of The Amazing Spider-Man1.2Part 2 - Going Back Home1.3Part 3 - The Present, The Future, The Atrocity And The Spiders. 1.1Part 1 - Avoiding The Death Of The Amazing Spider-Man. 1.2Part 2 - Going Back Home. 1.3Part 3 - The Present, The Future, The Atrocity And The Spiders. "I didn't need a reason.. Other than to make it easier to kill you." -Eddie Brock (Anti-Venom).

Part 3 - The Present, The Future, The Atrocity And The Spiders

The game opens with Spider-Man and Anti-Venom locked in mortal combat near a glowing portal.


Spider-Man tries to reason with Eddie Brock and remind him he is not a killer anymore. However, Anti-Venom pays Spider-Man no mind and succeeds in draining the radiation from his body.

  1. Spider-Man tells Anti-Venom he had no reason, but Anti-Venom viciously tells him he didn't need a reason, turning his arm into a blade and prepares to bring it through Spider-Man's chest.
  2. "Whatever Sloan's up to, I've got to shut it down before he gets in over his head, and drags everyone and everything down with him."
  3. -Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099). We then go a few hours before Chapter 1, In the future, Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man from 2099, has discovered that Walker Sloan, whom he admits is a personal rival, has rebuilt the Virtual un-reality lab into a time machine.
  4. Knowing that time travel technology is dangerous, especially in the hands of a greedy psychopath like Sloan, Miguel proceeds to stalk Walker through Alchemax and discovers that he is planning on using the machine to open Alchemax years ahead of schedule and dismantle their rivals before they begin, essentially putting all corporations under his control and a large portion of the earth with them.
  5. Despite Miguel's efforts, Walker succeeds in his plan and jumps into the past.


Miguel goes in after him, but finds himself trapped in the vortex, Miguel witnesses Peter being killed by Anti-Venom (although at the time he couldn't make it out) thus changing the past; the Daily Bugle is replaced with the Alchemax corporation and Peter Parker is working directly under Doctor Octavius in the genetics department.

  1. Octavius's genetic trials Peter has already uploaded his DNA into the system. At the same time in the future everything has changed too: all of New York City has become a part of Alchemax and has visibly changed.
  2. Once free of the portal, Miguel desperately tries to escape robotic sentinels and plans to come back later to deal with the chaos created by Walker's plans. Back in the genetics lab, Miguel is able to use the sample of Peter 's DNA from the Genetics program to create a "Chronal link" (a telepathic link) between himself and Peter.
  3. ("Are the other mes in my head, too?" ) Miguel tries to explain the situation to Peter however Peter believes that if there's a crazed killer loose in the building then he has to stop him before he kills anyone.
  4. "This whole Quantum Causality thing is a real wild card." -Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man).
  5. Peter soon discovers that the killer is Anti-Venom who is only able to muster enough will power to warn him to stay away.
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