Sticky Notes Windows 10

If you’ve always been a bit “old school” about keeping notes on little paper sticky notes plastered around your desk, then you’ll love the fact that Windows 10 offers the handy Sticky Notes utility. Instead of pasting paper sticky notes to your monitor or on the wall near your desk, you can paste virtual sticky notes to your Windows desktop. And if you use multiple monitors, that means lots of space to keep all your quick notes! In this article, you’ll learn how to do more than just stick those on your screen. We’ll look at how to use Sticky Notes on Windows to boost your organization and productivity. To get started, select the Start menu and type Sticky Notes. Right away, you should notice one interesting thing about this pop-up. Not only can you open the app from here, but you can also:. Quickly create a new note. See your notes list. Make changes to the app settings. This is actually one of two ways you can create new sticky notes. In addition to the Start menu, once you launch the app, you’ll see it pinned to the taskbar. You can right-click the icon there to access the same features. Let’s explore basic Sticky Note controls once you’ve created your first sticky note. Along the bottom, you’ll see a row of buttons that help you format text or images on the note. You can also quickly select the plus icon at the upper left corner to create a new Sticky Note on your desktop. Finally, the three-dot menu at the upper right lets you either delete the note itself by selecting Delete note, or take a look at your entire list of sticky notes by selecting Notes list. The Notes List contains every sticky note you’ve ever created (and not deleted), with a useful search field to find the sticky note you’re looking for even if you’ve collected hundreds of them. If you select the gear icon at the upper right of the Notes List window, you’ll see a few other settings you can adjust in the Sticky Notes app. Enable insights: Enable the feature letting Cortana scan your notes for information, or add new notes for you.
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