Super Puzzle Fighter Ii Turbo Hd Remix Pc Download

One of the most popular puzzle games of all time is back with HD graphics, dazzling elemental effects and a new re-balanced X' mode! Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix brings together the worlds of Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and other Capcom characters to provide extremely addictive puzzle mayhem. Description of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. If you haven't played Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo or want to try this puzzle video game, download it now for free! Published in 1998 by Capcom Entertainment, Inc., Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (aka スーパーパズルファイターII X) was an above-average falling block puzzle title in its time. PS3 Emulator RPCS3 Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix PSN Game PlayEmulator & Rom DownLoad: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Gameplay Movie 1 Superdeformed puzzle action on the 360! Check out this gameplay clip from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

  1. Super Puzzle Fighter Ii Turbo Hd Remix Pc Download
  2. Super Puzzle Fighter Ii Turbo Hd Remix Pc Download
SuperPuzzle Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix

: Along with Super Street Fighter IITurbo receiving a downloadable HD 'remake' version,Capcom surprised us all in 2007 with an 'HD Remix' to a fan-loved classic, SuperPuzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (properly titledSuper Puzzle Fighter 2Turbo HD Remix). The HD makeover of the classic Capcom puzzle fighting game featuresa variety of graphical enhancements,remixed BGMs, onlineplay, and of course the same hectic gameplay that made the original so muchsince its original release in 1996.

So what'sso 'HD Remix' about SPF2T: HDR? (Yes, it's a ridiculously long name). For starters, the classic red, blue,green, and yellow gems are all definitely in 'HD' ... yup, those are some crispy1080p gems alright! Cool... so what's next? Well, probablythe best graphical enhancement are the completely redrawn backgroundsdone by UDON (the company behind the official US Street Fighter comics).The backgrounds are based on the classic stages, but are noticeably far moredetailed and crisp. The cameos from several classic Street Fighter charactersare also much clearer! The background music in general hasn't been changed toomuch (thankfully)... with a notable mention to Sakura's original theme appearingon the main menu screen (Love that song). They did a nice job on the slick menu styleand it's easy to navigate as well.

Also retouched, is the character art for the character selectionscreen and victory artwork, which can now be enjoyed at much higher resolutionthanbefore (and is shaded differently). 'Gembreaking effects' have been altered probably the most out of everything, and definitely looka lot different from the original (good and bad, if you ask me). Also, instead of the 'swirly' hurricane looking gem breakers, they arenow based on elements (red= fire / yellow = electric / blue = water / green = smelly gas???) Umm... eww?

Devilot and Mei-ling are two of the secret characters.

The new gem breaking effects provide a 'fresh'new look and all, but I personally prefer the old style breaking effects byfar. The 'glass shattering'sound ,and the way that the gems break 'in trails' in the original, is just eonsmore satisfying to me... I think they should've just reworked the originalanimation. The new elemental breakinganimations also appear to be much faster, even when breaking ina long horizontal or vertical line, which takes away from the suspensefactor from the original! See, one of the best aspects of the original game is when aplayer lands a huuuuge combo, and the opponent is forced to painfully watch and listen to all of the breakinggems on the other players side. This effect just doesn't play out as well in HD Remix, and it's kind ofa big deal (to me), since gem breaking kinda happens a lot in this game. No, the new effects aren't 'bad,' but I think they overdid it on this one.

Lastly, theoriginal character sprites were resized and 'cleaned up,' but not completelyredrawn as the backgrounds were. They've also been outlined with a dark blackline to make them stand out more onscreen, but overall, the iconic StreetFighters and Darkstalkers look slightly out ofplace and somewhat dated. First timeplayers probably won't even be able to notice the difference, but I think fansof classic will prefer the original pixels in all their mid 90's glory.

I wouldn't laugh Ken... Morrigan's bat is no joke at Puzzle Fighter!

Other'new' features include all new game modes, such as: 'X Mode' (Gems fall into your character'splayfield),'X' Mode' (Rebalanced X mode with adjusted drop patterns and damage tolevel the playing field), 'Y Mode' (a modified rules version of XMode that challenges players to connect 3 or more gems in a linear fashion:horizontally, vertically or diagonally), and 'Z Mode' (Place yourcursor over any group of 4 adjacent gems and rotate them clockwise or counterclockwiseto quickly join them to other same-colored gems). Of course, there's still theoption to play the original 'arcade perfect' version.

Finally, theonline play is a great addition to this downloadable package, because playingthe game competitively is really where all the fun is. Although it's not the first timeI've personally played Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo online (thanks Kaillera),being able to challenge other players across the world to find out who is the true master of gemcombos is still awesome. However, thecharacters are still quite unbalanced, which makes the online modea bit gimmicky. Players that really want to win will pick the morepowerful (cheap) characters like Akuma & Devilot... come on you guys,quit picking Akuma. Like in theoriginal, there are several hidden characters in the game, such as: Anita, Morrigan's bat, andMei-Ling (Hsien-Ko's twin sister, who is actually the talisman on her hat).

Page Updated:September 17th, 2014
Platform(s): PlayStation3, Xbox 360, PC
Release Date(s): August 30th, 2007
Characters: Ryu,Chun-Li,Sakura,Ken,Morrigan,LeiLei, Donovan,Anita,Felicia,Dan,Devilot,Akuma

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Gameplay Engine

9.0 / 10

Story / Theme

8.5 / 10

Overall Graphics

8.0 / 10


7.5 / 10

Music / SoundEffects

9.0 / 10


7.0 / 10

Art Direction

8.0 / 10


7.0 / 10

Options / Extras

8.0 / 10

Intro / Presentation

7.5 / 10

Replayability / Fun

8.0 / 10

'Ouch' Factor

6.5 / 10


7.5 / 10


8.2/ 10

Review based on PS3version

Final Words:

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo is still one of my all time favorite arcade puzzle games. I actually played itsemi-competitively with friends back in the day and online (thanks toemulation). The game definitely offers a uniquely fun vibe and a franticgameplay experience that shouldn't be missed. As far as 'fighting gamespin-offs' go, Puzzle Fighter is still one of the best in my book!
I was happy to see the game released to a wider audience with online gameplay,but as
a'Puzzle Fighterveteran,' I have to say I still prefer the original version of the gamewhen it comes to visuals and animation. The HD upgrade is nice in some areas,but don't quite match in others.
Even so, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix is still a must have forPlaystation 3 and Xbox 360 owners who are fans of the original. And if forsome reason you haven't given this game a shot, you're missing out on some fun!



Only once in a great while, a game will hit the market that can be labeled revolutionary. These games usually become smash hits, and then the market becomes flooded with games that mimic the style or at least follow the same game mechanics. One of the games that carry the label of revolutionary is Tetris. This game was so simple, yet terribly addictive. I still find myself sitting in front of the computer (on an important business call, no less), playing a quick game while listening to the person on the other end of the phone ramble on about something or another. Why am I bringing all of this up? Because Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is best described as a Tetris spin-off. Please note that I chose to call it a spin-off, not a ripoff.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo combines a strange premise with familiar gameplay. Basically, Capcom has taken Street Fighter Alpha and Night Warriors and combined them with the feel of Tetris, only with more strategy involved. I know you are probably thinking, 'huh, I don't get it...' Read on, and I will explain.


Super puzzle fighter ii turbo hd remix pc download torrent

First off, it may be a little deceiving saying that the game is a combination of the above-mentioned titles. The only real connection to these titles is that you pick characters to play as. If you perform specific moves, the character will do an animated attack (not controllable by the player) on the opponent's character. This is more for show than anything else, but it does add a different element to the game.

So, how do you play? It is quite simple to learn, but much more difficult to master. You play in a side by side configuration with either a computer-controlled opponent or a friend. The field is similar to that of Tetris in that objects, in this case, gems, fall from the top of the screen and collect at the bottom. That is about where the similarities stop. The gems fall 2 at a time. Each gem is colored. The object is to match up the same colored gems to build a super gem and the use the special gem to smash your connected gems of the same color. As you smash gems on your side, it drops counter gems on the opponent's side. I know it sounds a bit complicated but after a few rounds, it becomes real clear.

In a nutshell, the idea is to build up gems, break them, and screw up your opponent. Of course, the object is the same for your opponent so that is where the challenge comes in. The farther along you make it into the game, the more frustrating (good frustrating, not bad frustrating) the game gets. You will find yourself setting up for the perfect color combinations when your opponent drops a load of gems on your side, completely blowing all of your plans. The game requires some quick thinking and the ability to adapt to some unexpected roadblocks.

The game would not be much fun if all you were doing was placing a couple of gems together and then breaking them. What makes it fun is the strategy element. Sure, you can group a couple same colored gems together and break them but this only does minimal damage to the opponent. The real trick is to build up super gems and go for the crushing blow. This is not without it's hazards though. The longer you go, the more likely the opponent is to drop the timer gems on to your side and ruin your entire plan so you must pick and choose your times to attack carefully or you may end up K.O.'ed.


There a plenty of game modes to satisfy just about any gamer. The first mode available is the Arcade mode. This mode is dictated by the difficulty setting you chose. For example, if you are set on easy, you only need to defeat 3 opponents to win but on normal, you must defeat 8 and on hard, you must beat 8 extra difficult opponents. The next mode is the vs. mode. This is a good old-fashioned 2-player battle to the end. Each player selects a character, and off you go. The final mode is the street puzzle mode. This is a one-match game that, if you win, unlocks a special goodies menu. I won't give away what is available, but it is worth winning.


I have said it before and I will say it again. Graphics are really secondary to gameplay in a good puzzle game. If the graphics don't just plain suck, a puzzle game can get by on gameplay alone. Well, the graphics in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo are actually pretty good. The backgrounds are all pretty cool and even add to the overall aura of the matches. I think that the developers went the extra mile and added decent graphics to go with a fun game.

Bottom Line

Super Puzzle Fighter Ii Turbo Hd Remix Pc Download

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is a very addicting game. I love games that allow you to beat up on your buddies by using your mind and skill instead of brute force. There are plenty of game modes to keep you playing into the wee hours of the night. If you are a fan of puzzle games, you will really enjoy this game. It is one of those rare games that can be called fun for the whole family. If you have not played this game, it is definitely worth a look.

Super Puzzle Fighter Ii Turbo Hd Remix Pc Download

Overall rating: 7
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