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Taobao, a famous online shopping website based in China with everything you need, at a cheap price. The downside is that it’s all in Chinese.

For those who can’t read the language, ordering from Taobao is a headache. Of course, you can use an agent but direct shopping will save you money.

you’ll avoid agent’s fees of up to 10% and the expensive international shipping fee they charge. so here are step-by-step English guides to get you started on your Taobao shopping journey even if you can’t read Chinese.

As of April 2022, Taobao officially supports shipping/forwarding to 14 countries and regions outside of mainland China:.

This means that as long as you are from these 13 countries and regions, you can register for a Taobao account and buy the goods you want on using your bank card.

Taobao offers different shipping solutions for each area, I will explain later in Part 5 how to choose and use Taobao’s official shipping.

Note: If you are not from the areas above, you have to order from Taobao through a Taobao shopping agent or shipping agent who can help you make a purchase on Taobao and ship it to you.

Taobao has many websites, each targeting a different group of people, which is often confusing for newbies. I’ll give you an overview of the differences here:.

Part 11. Resolving Issues

This is the main Taobao website, mainly for domestic users, and contains all products and features. This is Taobao’s website for foreign buyers, with some special offers for foreign users. However, some products or product categories are blocked, so you may not be able to search for many products on this site.

You can think of tmall as a selected version of Taobao, It collects some of the biggest companies and brands on this site.

How long does it take to receive my Taobao order?

For example, you can find the official flagship stores of Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Apple, and so on. Usually, things in Tmall are more expensive than in Taobao because sellers have to pay more commission to Tmall.

This is Taobao’s second-hand marketplace, where you can find a lot of cheap stuff.

Confirm order information

You just need to register a Taobao account to access these sites, but all of these sites or apps are only available in Chinese, if you don’t know Chinese, it can be a big challenge.

Taobao’s official international shipping only supports,, and Tmall.

  • Xianyu is not supported. Before you place an order, you should know there are some sensitive items that Taobao and the forwarder will not allow foreigners to buy and ship.
  • Your orders will be rejected to enter the forwarder warehouse if they scan sensitive items in your parcel, and some may even be detained and destroyed.
  • I have listed the 8 most common categories of sensitive items below, try to avoid any of them.

Label 6: 查看物流

Items exceed size or weight limits set by Taobao warehouse. Each forwarder warehouse has set a limit for the max weight and size of the parcel they will accept, make sure your parcel is not too long or too heavy.

you can check the limits here. Tea, instant noodles, bamboo products, etc.;. Liquid, paste, powdered items.

About pre-ordering from Taobao

Cosmetics like perfume,lipstick,foundation,nail polish,pencils,pens,alcohol,thermometer,ink etc..

survival knife, toy gun, water bb gun. Electronic device. humidifier,rice cooker,electric toy,vacuum cleaner,etc. Magnetic items or parts. Magnets, audio equipment such as audio, motors, speaker, compasses, coils, etc.

Battery and items within battery. Mobile phones, computers, power banks, watches, lithium battery. Branded, fake, replica, counterfeit items. The warehouse will not open and check if each order is branded or fake.

2. Image search on pailitao

Usually, they get the clue from your order information online or the outer packaging of the parcel.

If they find some sensitive brand logos, such as Nike, Adidas, LV, Gucci, Prada, they will reject this order.

If you insist on ordering branded or replica through Taobao, tell your sellers to use simple, neutral packaging and try not to expose the brand logo.

There is another post on things Taobao can’t ship to you. Take a quick look at it to ensure your items are not on that list.

Part 4. Choose product and seller

If you are still not sure, I suggest you contact the forwarder support, provide them the product link, they will give you a correct answer.

If you still want to buy prohibited items from Taobao, you have to use a Taobao agent who can provide various shipping solutions to ship these items to you.

I noticed that some readers want to buy pre-order items through Taobao directly, but I don’t recommend you to do so.

Label 1: the blue Aliwangwang icon(“和我联系”)

The reasons are very simple:. One fact that many Taobao newbies don’t know is that Taobao often restricts foreign users from accessing their Taobao accounts,.

once your account has been restricted or blocked, it is almost impossible to get it back.

How can I track my orders?

Label 7: the countdown timer

And I know it usually takes a long time for pre-ordered items to be shipped,. Some lolita, cosplay, or gaming peripherals can even take 3-6 months to be shipped! If something goes wrong with your Taobao account during this time, you won’t be able to get your money back.

Label 3: 退运保险

Some pre-orderings require you to confirm receipt first, some require you to pay twice, some require you to pay the rest at another link, these situations may cause the warehouse system can not recognize your order,.

Part 1. Preparation

so even if the seller sends the goods to the warehouse, you can not pay the international shipping. So, I suggest you better buy those products that need pre-ordering through a Taobao agent.

As you can see, Taobao direct only supports a few countries. If you live in Europe or other areas, purchasing from Taobao directly is not an option.

Also Taobao direct will not allow you to buy and ship some items,.

this is where a Taobao agent is needed. if you are totally a newbie about Taobao agent, you can read this post that takes you through the whole process of using a Taobao agent and what things to consider when choosing a good Taobao agent.

if you already know one or two things about it, then you can read my reviews of the top 5 best agents and the cheapest one compared.

One of the major difficulties you are facing to shop on Taobao is the Chinese language.

In order to solve this obstacle, you need some tools to get the single page or the whole website translated into your own language.

This browser enables instant webpage translation into English, a prerequisite for comfortable shopping.

(Unless, of course, you are fluent in reading Chinese.). This method is far preferable to individual-word translating because you get the big picture.

Enjoy Your Taobao.Com Shopping!

Some of the text may look weird or seem poorly translated, but it’s sufficient to allow you to shop. Note: Switch to the original Chinese webpage when you do an action like submit a form or click a button.

Action may not work on a translated page. If you get stuck at a non-translatable section, a good source for instant translation from Chinese -> English is google translate, Just cut and paste the characters into the box.

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