Tape Stop Effect Vst

1. TimeShaper 2

We have created for you a rating of the Best 3 Tape-Stop VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians.


  • Just like a DJ working vinyl, TimeShaper 2 lets you freely manipulate the flow of time, slowing down or accelerating your music.
  • Simply draw the exact LFO shapes you need – our unique curve-editing tools make it fast and easy.
  • Warp pitch and time to create everything from essential everyday FX to extreme multiband transformations. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH IT? Rearrange the beat. Scratch like a DJ. Drop in a tape-stop. Scratch on time. Add retro vinyl ‘wow’.
  • Get that half-time effect. Reverse in real time. Get crazy with combos. Custom chorus/flange FX.
  • Running inside Cableguys’ ShaperBox 2 effects plugin, use TimeShaper 2 on its own or with other Shapers — they all work in exactly the same way, stacking up to create elaborate, multilayered effects that’ll make your productions stand out.
  • Interface resizable from 75% to 200%.
  • Redesigned interface with larger editing areas. Retina/HiDPI support for crisper, clearer graphics. Built-in help — hover over any control for description. Expandable LFO for detailed editing. Set LFO loop length in beats and bars, or Hertz.
  • LFO loop length from 1/128 to 32 bars, with sample-accurate sync.
  • Audio-rate modulation up to 5.24kHz for extreme sound design. Even better Smooth Step Mode, to avoid clicks in stepped patterns.
  • Trigger LFO in any rhythm via MIDI. Trigger Smoothing to reduce clicks when MIDI Triggering. Fine Mode with 2.5/10/20ms options, for subtle pitch ‘wow’ effects.
  • Dry/wet mix for each band.
  • Blend dry and Fine Mode for flanger and chorus effects.
  • Solo bands for easy setup. 1-click Quick Presets for Stutter, Scratch and Half-time. Dedicated selection tool for multinode editing.

2x/3x button — double or triple patterns with a click.

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