Tape Stop Vst Free

Tapestop re-creates the time-stretched sound that happens when you press the stop button ….
The Bionic Supa Delay VST plugin is a simple tool that emulates the sound of an analog tape.
Download: Bionic Supa Delay | OS: Windows. The Chow Tape VST is a plugin that emulates the sound of a tape machine and has some additional features. It can be used as an insert or send effect and it has a wide range of parameters to alter the sound. Chow Tape Emulator is useful for those who want to add some warmth and depth to their mix.
The plugin is available for free.
Download: Chow Model | OS: Windows / Mac / Linux.
Dubb box is a plugin that emulates the sound of a tape machine.
This plugin synthesizes the sound of a reel-to-reel tape machine. It’s used by musicians to create a lo-fi retro-style sound. Download: Dubb Box | OS: Windows.
Kaput is a VST Plugin for emulating the sound of a tape machine.
Kaput uses a combination of two different types of delay units which are set to match the parameters found on many vintage tape machines.
It also simulates some aspects of analog noise reduction circuitry, as well as some common features from different types of recording tapes.
Download: Kaput | OS: Mac.
The Tape Delay VST Plugin includes the emulation of a tape machine with a number of parameters that can be tweaked to achieve the desired effect.
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