Tekken 5 Download For Pc Free

So the game is centered on a narrative, players aren’t as free to choose their characters as they were in previous iterations. Other game commands include “Block” and “Jump,” as well as “Fight” and “Kick.” To progress in the minigame, players must complete side missions and battle various Jack figures. Devil Jin may be unlocked in two ways: via the Devil Jin mode or by defeating Jin’s demon avatar. This is a fighting game with action elements. There are a total of 32 characters to choose from. This time, there are seven brand-new characters. The surroundings are beautifully constructed. There are many new moves available for each character. Make up your heroes and give them a unique personality of your own. Tekken 5 Gameplay Screenshots. Tekken 5 For Pc System Requirements:. Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. Processor: Pentium 4 2.8GHz/1.8GHz AMD Athlon 64 2800. Graphics Card: 256 MB. Hard Drive: 2 GB. Sound Card: Windows Direct X 9.0. Also, Check This Game: King Of Fighters. Tekken 5 pc game Free Download in direct link for windows. Get ready for tekken 5 game. It’s an action fighting game with 6 new characters. NAMCO developed the sixth installment of its mainstream game Tekken, Tekken 5. at first it was released for Play station 3. But now it is also available for PC. It was released on 24 June 2004. Tekken 5 pc game takes this series back to its root. It has also improved its graphic level. Its fighting system and some main characters. This game has got a new Crush system. Which has effects on the susceptibility of the character. In this game Namco has provided the opportunity to the players to customize the characters. You can also download Metal Gear The Rising Revengeance Free Download. Its fighting modes contain Story, survival, Time Attack, the side story Devil Within and Arcade battle. This game has total 32 playable characters. It introduces 7 new characters in which 6 are playable and the 7th being Jinpachi Mishima. The father of Heihachi Mishima who is resurrected and plays as the final boss in the arcade mode. This game has very amazing graphics styles and beautiful surroundings. Overall this game is the best fighting game in the tekken clan. Street Fighter X Tekken is best alternative of this game. You can also download RAMBO The Video Game Free Download. Following are the main features of Tekken 5 PC Game.
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