Tekken 6 Apk Android

Hello everyone, now you can Download Tekken 6 Apk Android. Enjoy the most amazing fighting game of all time on your mobile. The game comes with many characters and new arenas in addition to enhanced gameplay and abilities. The graphics of Tekken 6 is high in HD with 3D system allows you to play online and offline.

The game is small in size highly compressed and easy to download Apk+ Obb with direct link form Mediafire. Tekken 6 Android is a 1vs1 fighting and adventure game developed by BANDAI NAMCO The game was launched on PlayStation and many other platforms, and now Android users can enjoy it as well, and it contains an amazing storyline in addition to more than 40 different characters to play with, in addition to multiple game modes.

1Tekken 6 Apk+Data Android Download. 2Tekken 6 Mobile Features. The story revolves around the Mishima family, where Kazuya defeats his father and controls the family’s organization. Then begins an attack on the nations, and a civil war begins in the world.

Thus beginning the adventure of Tekken 6, and the heroes intervene to resolve the conflict. New techniques added to the characters such as Rage, which allows the characters to strike more offensive strikes, in addition to the Bound technology, which allows the characters to perform consecutive combo strikes.

You can play in more realistic places and stages, where you can destroy walls or floors, and the details are more accurate. Not only this, many new characters added to the game such as Lars and Armored King and others from the Tekken world.

One of the most important reasons that made Tekken 6 one of the most famous fighting games is that it contains a lot of features, for example, the characters and their distinct abilities, as each character has its own fighting style and different energy from the other, which makes you spend a lot of fun time exploring and learning the abilities and new skills.

Like Jin, Paul, King and many more. Also, the high graphics and the realistic dynamics in the game make it fun to move, hit and punch as it looks very realistic and the sound and visual effects happen a lot, which makes you blend in nicely with the game.


In addition, this version comes with a 3D system, which enables you to move more comfortably in several directions and avoid opponents’ strikes. Read also: Tekken 7 Apk Android Download. Scenario Campaign – In this mode you can play the main story if Tekken 6 and deal with strong characters for each stage.

and you will be able to move and play freely. Arcade Mode – Here you can fight several opponents randomly in order to reach the final stage with the monster Azazel and defeat him. Ghost Battle – In which you have to defeat 30 character.

Tekken 6 Mobile Features

you get an extra boss battle called the bonus stage. In the bonus stage, you will get some points as per your performance no matter you win or lose. Online Mode – You can play with real players around the world and you can fight with them.

Training – Where you can improve your abilities and skills in order to master any character you want. Survival – You will meet allot if characters and you have to defeat them without losing your HP because you will regain only 10% of your health bar.

Read also: Tekken 5 Apk Download. The graphics of the game are high and look very realistic, where the details and designs are amazing. Perfect control on Android, you will not face any problem in moving and executing skills.


  • Great visual and sound effects such as energy, punch sound and skills.
  • Many different playgrounds with different environmental conditions.
  • A very simple and easy display that enables you to choose what you want.
  • Lots of different game modes that you can spend a lot of time exploring.
  • The game is 3D, you can move in all directions.
  • You can play offline at any time or play online and face strong opponents.
  • The game is easy to download and supports many Android versions.
  • Supports many languages around the world.


Tekken 6 Gameplay and Storyline

Tekken usoro bu ihe ama ama n’agha agha ya ma meputa ya n’ile ndi egwuru egwu egwuru egwu. Nke a pụtara na ụdị mkpanaka nke egwuregwu na-enweghị ike ịnweta ndị ọrụ gam akporo. Ya mere n'ịtụle ina na chọrọ anyị wetara Tekken 6 ngwa n'ihi na android ọrụ.

Imirikiti ndị ọrụ android na-achọ usoro Tekken n'ịntanetị. Ma edepụtara usoro a n'ilekwasị anya PS Gamers tinyere PC Gamers. Nke a pụtara na ọ bụ erughị maka Mobile Gamers. N'ihi ya, mgbe anyị nyochara data a na-enweta n'ịntanetị.

Ozi nkowa mgbakwunye APK

Mgbe ahụ, anyị hụrụ oke oke nke gamers gamers na-achọ gam akporo Version nke egwuregwu. N'ihi ya, n'eziokwu, ọ dịghị mgbe a na-arụ ọrụ nsụgharị mobile maka ndị ọrụ ekwentị.

  • Tụle ihe ndị a chọrọ na ndị na-egwu egwuregwu mkpanaka na-achọ, otu ndị ọkachamara na-enwe ihe ịga nke ọma n'ịhazi usoro mbipụta anụ.
  • Ee, ugbu a ọ ga - ekwe omume igwu egwuregwu na ngwaọrụ gam akporo niile.
  • Nke a pụtara na e wezụga launching na android version, na gamers nwere ike ịnụ ụtọ egwuregwu niile android ngwaọrụ enweghị ihe ọ bụla ndebanye ma ọ bụ ndenye aha.
  • Naanị ihe ha ga-eme bụ ịgbaso usoro ụzọ ndị a kpọtụrụ aha n'ụzọ ziri ezi.
  • Mee usoro ahụ n'ụzọ ziri ezi dịka anyị kọwara n'okpuru ebe a.
  • Cheta ma ọ bụrụ na ndị egwuregwu ahụ na-agbaso ụkpụrụ nduzi n'ụzọ ziri ezi.

Mgbe ahụ ọ / ya nwere ike mfe egwuregwu na ihe ọ bụla android ngwaọrụ. Usoro ntinye na itinye n'ọrụ nke ngwa egwu egwu dị ntakịrị. Ma echegbula n'ihi na anyị maara usoro niile dị mkpa.

Game Modes

Nke nwere ike inyere ndị egwuregwu ahụ aka imezu ihe ha chọrọ. Ọbụna anyị na-ama wụnye egwuregwu n'elu dị iche iche android ngwaọrụ site na iji otu atọ. Anyị chọrọ ikwu na otu aghụghọ ahụ nwere ike ime maka Tekken 7.

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