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Ah yes, Tekken 6. Another installment in a franchise that has been at the forefront of Japanese and Western arcades. Even as long as the memory serves. The mere thought of the game instantly brings back the flashy sights and bashing sounds of competitive fighters.

Let's not forget its grandiose features of an over-zealous combat environment and pompous character visuals. Tekken 6 is noted for being one of the first games of the franchise and fighters in general - to grace a new generation of consoles. Developers tried to take the tired Tekken series to new heights.

It takes advantage of new hardware and delivering a spectacle to give rivals Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat a run for their money. Has it achieved that? While the Tekken franchise doesn't have the stature of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat - its fanbase is dedicated. There are communities around the games that place them into high-regards as one of the most competitive fighters out there - organizing tournaments, competitions, and achievements around them.

Tekken 6 PC Game Free Download

Features of Tekken 6

That puts extra pressure on developers to deliver a refined Tekken experience with each release. Tekken 6 already looks the part - the visuals in character models, over-the-top combat animations, and level environments are stunning.

Tekken 6 PC Game Overview

Details of the playable fighter are enhanced with a sense of photorealism and don a vibrant color palette - making them very accessible even for less adept players. Naturally, how the game plays is the most significant aspect of a fighter.

  • Tekken 6 adopts its already refined style with excessive combat threaded with passionate cinematics.
  • It does translate to the game pretty well.
  • The core focus would be how the new mechanics work when trying to enhance what was already palatable.
  • Tekken 6 is seemingly shaking up the core mechanics to bring some newcomers into the mix.
  • The dedicated Tekken community reveled in the idea of how hard to master the game - but obviously, this won't justify new releases.
  • The control schematics focus on allowing button mashers to succeed while facilitating the potential to master the game's tricky combos.

A New Kind of Rage

It's an adaptive approach that has had intriguing reactions. Tekken 6 definitely is one of the more accessible games in the franchise. It looks great, feels good, and allows anyone to jump in whenever they feel like a challenge.

  • Having said that - there's nothing that really makes it stand out as a superior fighter - considering Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat seem to operate in the exact same fashion.
  • There's no captivating narrative, the game modes are a little lacking, and the load times are grueling.
  • Tekken 6 makes sense as a go-to fighter - though, for an already established fanbase.
  • It will bring some newbies on board, but it won't sit at the top of the must-play fighter list.
  • Visuals in models, color, and animations look brilliant.

Sixth Has Sense

New fight mechanics and control schematics welcome new players. The easy-to-learn, hard-to-master concept is well-refined.

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