The President Trump Express

DONALD Trump flew at least seven times on Jeffrey Epstein's private jet, according to new documents shown at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

The future president - a neighbour of Epstein's in Palm Beach - is named in flight logs as a guest on the notorious luxury plane dubbed the Lolita Express.

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The VIP passenger list - which also featured Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew - forms part of the evidence in the case against alleged madam Maxwell.

Prosecutors say she booked flights for the depraved financier and helped him use the jet to traffic underage girls so he could abuse them at his various mansions. Her name appears alongside Epstein's in hundreds of pages of logs showing how they shuttled around the US and also to the Virgin Islands and Europe.

It was previously reported that Trump had flown on Epstein's plane from Palm Beach to Newark in 1997. Epstein is also said to have flown on one of Trump's private planes. There is nothing to suggest the former US president did anything wrong or knew of any criminal activity.

In March 1993, documents show he flew from Palm Beach airport near his Mar-a-Lago resort to Teterboro, New Jersey. He made the same trip twice more in October that year, along with Epstein, Maxwell and others.

In May 1994 Trump flew on a return trip from Florida to Washington DC with his then wife Marla and baby daughter Tiffany. And in August 1995, Trump and his son Eric were passengers on another flight from Palm Beach to Teterboro.

Epstein and Maxwell were also on board, listed in the log as JE and GM. Epstein, Maxwell and others were with Trump on his seventh flight, from Palm Beach to Newark in January 1997.

Trump was known to be friends with Epstein and called him a "terrific guy" in an interview in 2002. But he later distanced himself from him when it emerged he was a prolific paedophile. Earlier in Maxwell's trial, Epstein's former pilot Larry Visoski was quizzed about the VIP passengers he had on board Epstein's four aircraft.

Of Mr Trump, he said: "He flew on them a number of times." He said others he remembered flying included Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and the actor Kevin Spacey. GHISLAINE Maxwell faces six charges over her alleged involvement with Jeffrey Epstein:. Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts.

Enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex. Conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. Transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

Sex trafficking conspiracy. Sex trafficking of a minor. Clinton is named in the logs nine times, and Andrew three times. Epstein flew with Clinton and Spacey from JFK airport to the Azores islands in September 2002, according to the log.

On another of Clinton's flights with Epstein, they were accompanied by the supermodel Naomi Campbell. The two ex-presidents and other VIPs have not been implicated in any of Epstein's crimes. Prince Andrew - who is being sued by Epstein victim Virginia Roberts in a separate civil case - strenuously denies any wrongdoing.

Maxwell's trial has heard allegations she recruited vulnerable girls for her former boyfriend Epstein to rape and molest over a number of years.
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