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Download the latest version of Game Of Warriors for Android. Defend your village from invaders and conquer the world. Become a village chief in the very fun.

How Rockstar turned this into a success is beyond me. On paper it looked like a recipe for disaster. One thing that Rockstar does well however is open games up into epics instead of twenty minute duds. It's of course dark and disturbing as you might expect, but the quality and polish are undeniable.

Download Free Software For Android

If you're not familiar with The Warriors it's an old movie from the late '70s based on gangs in New York. Why this looked appealing for a game is beyond me, but I can't argue with the results. The game takes this premise and weaves a story around a new recruit's entry into The Warriors gang, following it to where the movie ends. The plot is designed masterfully and will keep you interested until the end. However, the game doesn't stop there and numerous unlockables allows for significantly increased shelf life.

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The gameplay for The Warriors focuses on strong 3D fighting but has a variety of elements. It's the 3D fighting however that makes it work, offering a surprising amount of maturity. First, the fighting system is remarkable with a number of combo potentials and variety of moves that keep the combat from getting old. Different opponents require different strategies that keep you out of the comfort zone of repetitive attacks. The AI also makes an impact here with clear tactical decision making during the fights. That's not to say that the gameplay ported seamlessly from the PS2 as the control system and camera suffers some, but it works better then many other attempts.

Other gameplay elements such as the open city concept that Grand Theft Auto brought to glory is also represented. Here you'll be moving through the city performing a variety of tasks from stealing car radios, robbing stores, mugging citizens, ect. All the stuff that Rockstar puts into their games that occasionally causes them to defend their products in the media or worse is here as well. In addition, if you like playing with a buddy or online, The Warriors offers plenty of options as well with the ability to create your own gangs and battle it out or walk through the story mode together.

The Warriors only significant drawback is the graphics which appear dated, but honestly it won't cause any issues. Sure there are better looking games around, but that kind of detail isn't necessary to this style of game.

My only two cautions are that this is almost a direct port from the PS2 so if you played it then you will want to pass. Also, The Warriors earns the mature rating, but if that doesn't bother you either, it will be money well spent.

Overall rating: 8
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