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Thermal Dynamics invented the modern plasma electrode, created the lightweight manual plasma cutter category and redefined high-precision productivity. We have a leading-edge solution for all your cutting needs:.

Manual plasma cutting systems.

Automated systems and controls. High-performance 1Torch. Advanced, long-lasting consumables. Plasma accessories. In the shop or in the field, Thermal Dynamics manual plasma systems deliver more power per pound.

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Our atmosphere generators are equipped with sophisticated controls that match output gas flow to process demand. That means the system isn’t sending process gas up the flue. It’s making only as much as is needed by the process being served. If the demand isn’t there the system automatically adjusts the output. This is a tremendous improvement over old style generators that produced gas at whatever specific rate they were designed for, sending all excess gas up the stack.

Thermal Dynamix™ acquired Rolock Inc. in July of 2001 and brought a return to the quality standards that made Rolock a benchmark for the industry since 1924. Initially, Rolock produced only wire baskets and wire mesh. Rolock’s product line expanded to include industrial furnaces, ovens, muffles, retorts and other hardware as well as thermocouples and temperature sensing devices. In the 1950’s, Rolock began manufacture of atmosphere generators and ammonia dissociators; continuing to build the simplest, most durable, and reliable generators available anywhere. With the acquisition of Rolock, we continue to maintain all original manuals, blueprints, drawings, patents and documentation for these original products.

Take a minute to read our Terms of Service. They’re simple and straight forward; we don’t use small print.

The warranties are different for spare parts than for systems; the major difference being the length of time each warranty provides.

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