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  • Thermo-Calc is a Shareware software in the category Education developed by Thermo-Calc.
The latest version of Thermo-Calc is currently unknown.
It was initially added to our database on 04/24/2008.
Write a review for Thermo-Calc! » thermo calc 购买. » thermo-calc3.0_thermo-calc download. » index of thermo calc. » thermo calc 3.0.

Legacy versions

» thermo calc データベース. » чем занимается программа thermocalc. » thermo-calc 5.0. » thermo-calc 購入. » thermo calc ライセンス購入. This is the download page for THERMOCALC, a program by Roger Powell and Tim Holland. You can learn more about THERMOCALC here. To fire up THERMOCALC for the first time, see the Get started guide.

If you’ve used it before, and want files for thermodynamic input and controlling calculations, see the THERMOCALC download guide or main Downloads page. Our current THERMOCALC is version 3.50.

See below for legacy versions. The current version of THERMOCALC 3.50 (tc350) dates from 21 December 2020. Scripts have changed extensively since the previous release in January 2020.

Scripts related to phase diagram calculations (calcmode 1) are documented in scripts-tc350.pdf, which is bundled with the download. For scripts related to other calculation facilities, refer to the relevant webpage. THERMOCALC 3.50 is still referred to as “tc350beta”, to remind the development team that µ-µ calculations and some calculations with aqueous fluid still aren’t working.

However, the December 2020 release is stable with respect to other calculation facilities.

All releases of tc350 expect the axfile format that is identified by “50” in the filename. In our blog post announcing the latest release, we discuss the progress represented by the latest developments. Latest versions current 21-12-2020:. For Mac, compiled under Intel x86-64 architecture (machines produced before Nov 2020):.

For Mac, compiled under Apple Silicon (machines produced from Nov 2020):. For Windows, compiled under Windows 10:.

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