Thermodynamics Made Easy

Video lectures by Pervez Hoodbhoy in English and Urdu. These lectures are suitable for undergraduate level teaching (years 16-20) and provide the conceptual foundations of thermodynamics.

Although several examples are worked out here, for a fuller grasp of the subject students should work out at least some problems in the texts recommended below.

Module 1.1 (Watch it in English here and in Urdu here). Heat, temperature.

Zero’th Law of Thermodynamics. Third Law of Thermodynamics. Can there be a highest temperature? Module 1.2 (Watch it in English here and in Urdu here). Conversion of energy from one form to another. Units of heat and energy. Internal energy (example: ideal gas). Thermodynamic variables and equation of state. Isolated, closed and open systems. First Law of Thermodynamics (circa 1840). Exact and inexact differentials. Module 1.3 (Watch it in English here and in Urdu here). Adding heat to a system. Various heat capacities of a substance. Enthalpy and its uses. Moles: a quick reminder from chemistry. Measuring heat capacities. Heat capacities of a non-ideal gas. Module 1.4 (Video coming soon. Reversible and irreversible processes. Isothermal expansion of a gas. Adiabatic expansion of a gas. Free expansion of a gas. Application: speed of sound. Module 1.5 (Video coming soon. Entropy – a qualitative understanding. Entropy – formal definition. Entropy as a state function. Thermodynamic cycles. Module 2.1 (Video coming soon. Heat engines and efficiency. Second Law of Thermodynamics. Equivalence between Clausius and Kelvin statements. The Carnot Engine is universal – proof. Analyzing the Carnot engine. Module 2.2 (Video coming soon.

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