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Application Softwares of Computer

What is Computer Hardware and Software:: Computer Hardware is defined as the physical part or component of a computer system which can be felt, seen, and touched. The computer monitor which we use to view the display is a Hardware Device. A printer which we use to Produce outputs,a computer memory which is used to store data or programs all are the types of hardware used in computer system for better functionality of computers. IT professionals develop customized programs that can be used in certain areas of our day-to-day life.

Internal and External Hardware Components

These types of software or programs are very helpful and can reduce human efforts immensely.

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Different PC Software can be categorized in two main types . System Software. Application Software. Computer software needs hardware to function properly. For Example Hard disk drive is a hardware device of a computer system which saves or stores information, programs or data in high volumes but it cannot work in absence of software programs. The software helps hardware to run and vice versa. Another example if you have installed a sound card on your computer system which is used for playing sound, videos, and also used for playing games, but you cannot hear any sound without proper driver installation that is software that activates the hardware to function properly.

2. Hard disk

Drivers are software program which comes with the hardware. So we can say that to use full features of hardware and software they are dependent on each other both plays vital role in each other functions. They are independent devices and programs but rely heavily on each other. Hardware is an essential part of the computer system like CPU, Ram, Power supply, Monitors. We cannot start or use our computer if any part of the devices is missing but speakers, printers, or even mouse are some of the hardware when found missing does not affect the boot process of the computer, these devices are used for additional functions of the computer. As we have discussed above that hardware are physical devices which can be touched.

3. Monitor

Different and common types of hardware devices and their uses are mentioned below for better understanding. SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply). These are the most used and common hardware devices here mentioned above some of the devices are used for better functionality or used for additional features. Like Speaker and Printers. They are not used in the boot process of PC as when found missing PC cannot start or boot on its own. They are not responsible for booting computers. But some of the devices mentioned above are responsible for the booting process of PC, for example, power supply, CPU, and Computer Memory [RAM] are essential hardware devices That are solely responsible for the booting of PC and their better computer functionality.

4. CPU

Cabinet case comes in various shapes and sizes but commonly used case is a tower case whose height ranges from 15 to 25 inches. They enable different types of hardware devices to be fit in themselves to make it a whole and all the devices are connected to the case using screws. The Commonly attached hardware devices to the PC case are Power supply, Motherboard CPU , Ram , Hard disk , DVD-RW etc. The Computer Motherboard or mainboard is nothing but a piece of PCB (printed circuit board) where all the other devices are connected to it using cables & wires.

5. Mouse

Motherboard generally distributes all the voltages and power received from SMPS or power supply to other parts of the hardware devices attached to the PC. RAM [Random Access Memory] is an essential part of the computer system which is used for storing data or program temporarily. It is a volatile memory that tends to lose data when power is missing from a power supply.

6. Keyboard

When RAM is found missing motherboard gives a sound, and no display is found on monitors. Computer Hard disk drives are used to store the data permanently. It is a type of non-volatile memory that does not lose data or programs when there is no power. Nowadays huge volume of data can be stored in a hard disk.

7. Printer

Which are also called as secondary storage hardware devices. The hard disk capacity is measured in MB-MEGABYTES, GB-GIGABYTES & TB-TERABYTES. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit which is responsible for almost all the operation computer system performs.

SMPS is known as Switching Mode Power Supply. Which is responsible to give power to the motherboard later this power is distributed among the other hardware devices for better functionality. AT (Advance Technology). AT-X (Advanced Technology-Extended). AT-XT(Advanced technology with Extended Technology). The keyboard is an input device that is primarily used for entering text as input to the CPU. The mouse is a Pointing device that is used for selecting, pointing, and drag icons, files, and folders from one location to another in hard drives.

What is hardware give five examples?

Monitors are display units or commonly called as VDU which stands for [visual display unit] they are used to display information received from computers on their screen.

  • They are also called as SOFTCOPY Terminals. Printers are hardware component of the computer which is often used for producing outputs on papers as a HARDCOPY.
  • Speakers are used to output digital signals. You can use a speaker for hearing sound, videos and playing games. You cannot touch or feel the software as they are just a set of instructions which is written by SW programmers for an application.
  • The user will need both hardware and software for a computer system to work properly. Hardware reads software.
  • Most of the software on our computer system is in the form of programs. System Software.
  • Application Software. The system software is any software which controls the hardware so that any application software can run and can be executed to perform various task mentioned by programmers.
  • System software runs and executes programs, they also monitor various other components of a computer system like CPU, primary and secondary storage, and other peripheral devices of PC.

What are some examples of system software?

They communicate and control peripherals devices like printers,scanners,webcam,sound cards etc. They control the hardware of computer systems so that they can work efficiently and Properly to perform the specific task given to them and also to provide a platform for application to perform and to execute in the overall development of application software.They perform transferring of data to hard disk, It performs text or images or graphics to be seen on display devices,.

1. Motherboard

There are various other system software which is developed for specific tasks, such as device drivers are installed in PC for better functionality of that device,for example:: Device drivers of display cards and sound cards are used in viewing better resolutions on the computer screen and hearing sound from soundcards.Programming tools, utility software, compiler, the interpreter is also considered to be system software.

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