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Are you in search for the best data recovery software for your Window or Mac system? Gone are the days when there used to be limited recovery tools in the market. Simply search on the web and you will find an array of data recovery tools with numerous features.

Part 2: Top 10 Data Recovery Software to Try in 2020

Though, it might get overwhelming for a lot of first-time users as they often ask questions like “Which is the best data recovery software?” to us. If you have a similar doubt, then you are up for a treat.

Part 4: How to Recover Lost Data with the Best Data Recovery Software?

In this guide, we will teach you how to pick the best recovery software by looking into different parameters.

  • Besides that, we have also listed a top 10 recovery software list a well. Let’s proceed and get to know more about these options. Before we get to know about the best recovery options, it is important to know what leads to the loss or unavailability of data. In this way, you can explore the available tools and avoid the triggers that lead to the deletion of data. Often, people accidentally delete some files or format a drive, only to regret it later. A bad sector or a corrupt storage unit can lead to unexpected data loss.
  • A malware or virus can infect the storage unit, making its data unavailable. If you have turned down the system while a file is still being processed, then it can affect its availability. The mishandling of the data by any unreliable third-party tool . The overwriting of files by mistake . Recycle Bin or Trash deletion .
  • A firmware or system malfunction . Any other physical damage to the storage unit . The good news is that when a file is deleted from the system, it isn’t wiped off right away.
  • Instead, the space allocated to it now becomes available to be overwritten. Therefore, if you take some immediate actions, then you can recover your lost files. To do this, you can use either of these top data recovery software. The first spot on our list of the top ten data recovery software is Recoverit. It runs on both Windows and Mac, with an intuitive interface that does not require any prior technical experience.

It supports all the possible data loss scenarios with one of the highest recovery rates in the industry.

A Life Saver to Solve Your Data Loss Problems! It allows the recovery of more than 1000 different types of data.

🔢 Number of tested tools10
📅 How long we tested1.5 weeks
💻 Our Windows versionWindows 11 Pro (21H2)
💰 Average cost$59
💸 Minimum costFree

Steps on Recover Deleted Files in Windows 11/10 Free

Bottom Line:

For instance, you can get back all sorts of photos, videos, audios, documents, compressed files, emails, and more. The application yields fast results with an option to preview the recovered data on its own interface.

From accidentally deleted files to a formatted drive, the application can recover data under all scenarios.

  • It also supports the recovery on external sources like SD cards, USB drives, hard disks, MP3 players, camcorders, digital cameras, etc.
  • It is compatible with every major Mac and Windows version.
  • Also, it supports all kinds of file systems like NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, APFS, and so much more.
  • 3,165,867 people have downloaded it .
  • The basic version of the tool is available for free .
  • Easy to use with effective results . Can even recover data from a crashed system .
  • Supports every major file system and data type .

Lets us preview the data before restoring it .

Price: Free (basic) and $59.95 . If you are looking for a freely available best recovery tool, then Recuva would be a great option. Owned by CCleaner, it can recover data from a Windows system and numerous other external sources. It is a reliable freeware that will keep all the extracted content safe. It lets us preview the extracted media like photos and videos on the interface.

Supports a deep scan mode to recover data that is harder to extract . Can recover data from Windows internal partitions or an external source like SD card or MP3 player . Also supports Recycle Bin recovery . The basic version is available for free .

Low success rate . No automatic updates . Not available for Mac . Price: Free (basic) and $19.95 (pro) . Disk Drill is considered as one of the top data recovery software that runs on both Windows and Mac. It supports the recovery of more than 200+ different types of files and features a decent data recovery success rate.

The application follows a simple click-through process and is pretty easy to use. It supports almost all kinds of file systems like exFAT, NTFS, APFS, and more. Users can select the partition or the external source they wish to scan.

There are different recovery modes (quick and deep) that it offers. SD card recovery support . Preview of data available . Low recovery rate . Minimum features for the free version .

Price: Free (basic) and $89 (pro) .

  • Wise Data Recovery has to be one of the best free data recovery software for Windows users.
  • The tool is entirely free and will not ask you to upgrade later on.
  • It supports every major 64 and 32 bit Windows version, including XP and later releases.

It can scan the internal partitions as well as the connected media like SD card, USB drive, MP3 player, etc.

The three major file systems it supports are FAT, exFAT, and NTFS. A portable version of the tool is available so that you can plug-and-play it on any Windows PC.

Shows us the degree of data loss and the possibility to get data back . Freely available .

Top 5 Best Free Windows 11/10 File Recovery Software

Lets us preview the files . Low recovery rate . Limited compatibility for data types . Not available for Mac . When we talk about some of the best data recovery tools out there, we can’t forget to mention EaseUS Data Recovery.

One of the oldest recovery applications, it is known for its quality results and extensive compatibility.

  • The application supports all the leading Windows and macOS versions.
  • Can recover files that are lost under all kinds of scenarios with good results.
  • There are different recovery modes (quick and deep) that the tool runs.

The premium version can also recover data from a crashed system too.

  • Preview of data is provided .
  • A free trial version is available . A free version can only recover 500 MB of data .
  • Price: $99.95/year . Trusted by over a million users, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is also considered as one of the best undelete software by many.

The application is available for both Windows and Mac, and is known for its premium customer support.

It is compatible with all kinds of file systems like exFAT, FAT32, NTFS, APFS, EXT, HFS+, and more. The tool can recover your lost photos, videos, documents, etc. under various scenarios. It can even recover your data from a corrupt hard drive or a crashed system.

Different scanning modes to optimize the results . Reliable and high recovery results . A free version can only preview data . Price: $49.99 . Remo Recover is a complete data recovery tool for Mac, Windows, and even Android.

Therefore, apart from your desktops, you can also use its best data recovery app to get back the lost files on your smartphone. It supports all the common data loss scenarios like accidental deletion or formatting of the drive. A preview of photos and small-sized videos is available on its interface.

The application is pretty secure and lets us save a recovery session.

Extensive data compatibility and file system support. Android app is also available . Low recovery rate . Price: $39.97 .

DiskDigger is a freely available data recovery tool that you can use on your Windows. One of the best things about the tool is that it lets us perform data recovery on Android device as well.

Just connect it as USB storage and recover all sorts of data from it.

Part 1: What Causes the Loss of Data?

The tool can be used to recover data on all kinds of Windows systems and Android devices. Apart from that, you can also recover data from a USB drive, SD card, and other storage units.

You can preview photos before restoring them.

  • It features a standard as well as a deep mode to meet your recovery needs.
  • Freely available . Supports Android recovery .
  • Low success rate . Difficult to us .

While GT Recovery is not as popular as other top recovery software that we have listed, it is certainly worth giving a try.

  • You can use its Windows application to recover data on your system’s internal drive.
  • The application also supports Android recovery too.
  • It provides a basic solution to recover data under different scenarios.

You can also recover data from the trash, USB drive, or a connected Android device.

Different recovery modes (like standard and advanced) are listed . You can also save scan results on the application as well . Smart classification of data . Low recovery rate . Not available for Mac . The last spot on our list of the best data recovery software is from the house of Jihosoft.

While the tool is pretty expensive, it is equipped with numerous high-end features as well. You can run it on your Mac or Windows system to recover data under different scenarios. The tool is certified by Norton and McAfee and is entirely safe to be used.

You can pause/resume the recovery process whenever you want or create a backup of your data too. Supports a wide range of devices like MP3 players, SD cards, USB drives, digital cameras, and more.

Lets us create an image file of the application to perform data recovery on a crashed system.

  • Preview of photos and videos is provided .
  • Only the trial version is available for free .
  • Price: $49.95 . Now when you know about the top recovery software, you can easily pick an ideal option.

Though, if you are still confused, then consider the following things in mind while picking the best data recovery software.

Ease of use: Firstly, the application should have a user-friendly interface and not be complicated to use.

Security: The tool should keep all the extracted information secure. All your data should be kept intact and not be forwarded to any other entity.

Part 3: What Should Be Considered When Choosing the Best Data Recovery Software?

Supported data type: It should support the type of files (like Word documents, photos, or PDFs) that you wish to extract. System compatibility: Needless to say, the application should run on the version of macOS or Windows system that you own.

Success rate: The better the data recovery rate of the tool, the better results it would yield.

  • Other parameters: Apart from that, also consider other things in mind like the scanning time, customer support, user feedback, preview availability, and more.
  • After looking at all these parameters, one can easily conclude that Recoverit is the best recovery solution for both Windows and Mac.
  • It is easy to use, has a wide compatibility, and an impressive recovery rate.
  • It even offers a free version for its new users to try the tool before buying a pro subscription.

One of the best things about Recoverit tool is that it does not require any prior technical knowledge.

  • In fact, you can perform data recovery on any source with just a single click by following these steps: .

Firstly, launch the best recovery software on your computer and attach an external source if you wish to scan it.

On the welcome screen, you can see all kinds of location (like folders and partitions) to scan. If you wish to save time, you can browse to a specific folder as well. Just click on the “Start” button after selecting the location and wait for a few minutes. The application will scan the selected location and would try to extract your lost content. If you want, you can even pause the recovery process in between. Once the process is completed, you can simply preview the extracted files on its interface.

In this way, you can select the data you wish to recover and save it on the desired location too. Now when you know about some of the best file recovery software, you can pick an ideal option. From the list of our selected top recovery software, Recoverit certainly stands out. It has a positive reputation in the market and is known for its high recovery results. Since it offers a free version, you can be a judge of it and get a hands-on experience of the tool without spending a single penny.

Excellent recovery results.

  • When it comes to the actual data recovery statistics, Disk Drill is unmatched.
  • Recovering lost documents from a lost partition or a reformatted drive, Disk Drill performed at an optimal 95% recovery rate, which is impressive as this is 4% above the average.

Furthermore, Disk Drill performs exceptionally well when it comes to the recovery of images, at an average rate of 99%.

This validates the supremacy of Disk Drill as the top data recovery software. Disk Drill is powered by various data recovery algorithms aimed at a plethora of file systems, for instance APFS, HFS+, FAT32, EXT, and NTFS. Data Protection. The two central features that maintain Disk Drill's supreme reign as an excellent data recovery software are its supplementary data loss prevention utilities. Disk Drill adds a layer to the Recycle Bin denoted as Recovery Vault, to safely store a backup reference to all deleted files and media.

Disk Drill keeps a copy of each recovered file using a unique feature known as Guaranteed Recovery.

Rescue & Fix Files

Additional features. Disk Drill is a favorite among digital forensic experts as the software comes with features that allow users to generate binary data image files, enabling them to isolate the manipulation of data within the clone, protecting the original storage container.

Additionally, Disk Drill offers extensive technical support available through their website.

  • Restrictions on the free version:.
  • The Basic package enables users to preview files that are recoverable as well as recover previously protected data.
  • Free recovery of other deleted data is capped at 500 MB per computer.

Last updated and news:.

  • Disk Drill version 4.4.606 was released on November 4, 2022, and it introduces full support for Windows 11, a lot of user interface improvements, and more.
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Is There Any Free File Recovery Software for Windows 11/10?

While your data files lost due to accidentally deleted or lost, formatted and other data loss scenarios. You wish you can get free files recovery software to help you retrieve all data back. In the following guide, we will introduce the top 10 file recovery software for Windows 11/10 in 2022.

All these five data recovery programs are available for free, which can help you restore any lost data from the storage media effectively and easily. You can get the best professional data recovery software free download full version, we have tested the next five free deleted file recovery software for Windows 11/10.

Get more specific features as below:. Puran File Recovery is one of the best free file recovery tools for Windows 11/10, but it only works for the home user, not business or commercial, it also hasn't been updated since 2016.

It can recover deleted files from the files system, like NTFS and FAT12/16/32.

  • It supports deep scan and full scan options for searching, you can preview the recovered files.
  • Recuva is a 100% free data recovery software. undeleted files from hard drive in Windows 11/10, recycle bin, and USB flash drive.
  • Recuva free file recovery software is working well in Windows 11/10, Windows 8/7, Vista, and XP.

Once you selected the deep scan mode, it will take a lot of time to scan the hard drive or devices.

Its download page is not clear and the free version hasn't been updated in a long time.

It did not work well in Windows 11/10. Recoverit Data Recovery for free is a professional file recovery software for Windows 11/10.

Recovery Software Features Comparison:

It supports to recover deleted, lost or formatted data from PC/laptop, hard drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card and other removable devices.

It can handle all data loss scenarios such as accidentally deleted, formatted, the devices get damaged or corrupted, virus attack or system crash.

  • In this section, we will show you how to use Recoverit Data Recovery software on Windows 11/10 for free.
  • Restore deleted or lost files in Windows 11/10 computer.
  • Download and install Recoverit files recovery on your Windows PC and get your data back in 3-step.

Launch Recoverit Free Data Recovery, select a location disk to get started.

  • The recovery software will start scanning the disk to search your lost files.
  • In the end, you can check all recovered files.
  • Preview recovered files and select them by clicking the "Recover" button to save them back.

Stellar Data Recovery software is the most powerful data recovery for Windows and Mac.

This free deleted file recovery software to recover data from any devices: computer hard drive/laptops, USB drive, and Micro SD card, etc. The software undeleted the lost Email files such as Microsoft Outlook (PST, DBX) and many other file types like photos, videos, audio, and documents.

Stellar data recovery is full of advanced features and fast drive file recovery. Disk Drill is a free data recovery program for Windows and Mac. It can easily undelete files in Windows 11/10 and from any storage devices such as computer hard drive and external hard disk, SD card, USB drive, and others. It is easy to use with features, you can enable deep scan to search your data files but it will take a long time to finished.

TestDisk Data Recovery (Windows & Mac). When we talk about the best free file recovery software for windows 11/10 then Testdisk data recovery software has made it to the top 5. TestDisk is basically an open-source software that has been created with the intention of getting back the lost or deleted files and also to repair the no boot device.

Testdisk is counted as the best undelete software which is totally packed with ultimate features that can easily overshadow any other data recovery software.

  • It helps you in undeleting your files from exFAT, FAT, ext2, and NTFS file systems.
  • Provides you with a system where you can repair/recover the non-booting device.
  • Helps you in fixing and recovering deleted partition tables.
  • As it’s a command-line tool, so it may not be good enough for some users.
  • The users who are addicted to GUI, are not going to like this.

FreeUndelete (Windows only). FreeUndelete is another data recovery software that helps you in recovering Microsoft office files and repairing corrupt windows registries as well.

You can effectively use this FreeUndelete software on your own without having professional guidance by your side.

Further, you can also restore those files in your system that have already been deleted from the Windows recycle bin.

What Is The Best Free Software for Data Recovery?

It provides you with a simple and easy user interface. The recovered files can be seen in a readable layout easily. The entire folders can also be effectively restored as you can restore the individual files.

If you are looking to use it for your personal use then it’s completely free for you.

  • Even if you are using the free version then still you don’t have to counter the ads.
  • If you are looking to use it for business purposes then you have to avail license which is totally paid.
  • You might find it has an outdated interface design.
  • SoftPerfect File Recovery (Windows only).
  • SoftPerfect can be counted as one of the best undelete software for recovering your deleted, lost or corrupted files.

After recovery, you can easily restore your files on any drive or device either be it your hard drive, floppy disk, USB hard drivers, USB flash drive, CF cards, SD cards or maybe some other.

  • It supports all kinds of file systems which also include FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, and NTFS5.
  • Further, your data is encrypted as well as compressed during the restoration process.

Moreover, this tool is available freely.

Firstly this software is lightweight and completely free. It suitably works with NTFS and FAT as well. You receive encrypted as well as compressed data which is totally safe. It is compatible with any kind of storage media. This is portable software so you will not be required to install this in your device.

Restoration (Windows only). Restoration is another file recovery software that is completely portable and totally lightweight which you can use very easily for recovering your programs on Windows PC. Here you can easily recover both FAT and NTFS format drives which are most popular in today’s scenario.

Further, you can easily sort your recovered data either with the file names, size of the files or as per the modification date of your documents. You can also search here for your empty files as well. It provides you with an easy and simple-to-use interface. You can use it in your system without even installing it.

It uses very low disk space in your system.

  • You will be able to recover multiple files at a time.
  • The first limitation of using this software is that it doesn’t show you the recoverability of a file.
  • Here you will not be able to restore your files as an entire folder because you can only restore the individual files.

It doesn’t run on Windows 8 or 10. Windows File Recovery (Windows only). Microsoft has particularly launched its own file recovery tool especially for Windows 11/10 for recovering user’s deleted files and documents as well.

This data recovery tool is easily available for you on Windows app store which you can easily download and launch on your device.

Further, this is a command-line app that allows you to recover all your deleted files from pen drives, local hard discs and from your SD cards as well.

3. Recoverit Free Data Recovery (Windows, Mac)

Here you can easily target keywords, file names, extensions or even file paths for recovering your files and documents. It provides you the benefit of recovering PDF, JPEG, MPEG, PNG, MP3 & MP4, Office Files, Zip folders and other formats as well.

You can efficiently recover your files and documents from SSD, HDD, Memory Cards, USB and other more devices.

  • The Microsoft Windows file recovery software supports various file systems such as FAT, NTFS, ReFS, exFAT etc.
  • You can easily target the keywords, file names, extensions or file paths when proceeding for the recovery solution.
  • The one and only limitation for using the Microsoft Windows File Recovery software is that it doesn't support any kind of recovery of your files and documents from cloud storage and storage drives on the network as well.

Here we have provided you the top five best free recovery software for Windows 11/10 which are trending most at present.

  • All these file recovery software’s are quite simple to understand and easy to utilize as well.
  • So, you can analyze all these data recovery software’s based on the given information above and choose any of these for recovering your files and documents as per your needs.
  • Glitchy store device selection

User Experience

Previously known as Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery, this data recovery software supports NTFS, exFAT, and FAT (FAT16/FAT32) formatted hard drives, SSDs, USB flash drives, memory cards (including SD card, Micro SD card, CF cards, etc.), and other commonly used storage devices.

You can choose from two different versions intended for professional usage: Professional ($79.99 for one year or $99 for a lifetime license) and Premium ($99.99 for one year or $149 for a lifetime license). The former version is slightly cheaper because it doesn’t include any video or photo recovery capabilities.

Except for the missing recovery features, the two versions are identical and equally easy to use. Recovered files can be sorted according to their type or displayed in a tree view, which is useful for locating a specific folder.

Versions / Licensing:

  • Stellar Data Recovery Free: $0
  • Stellar Data Recovery Standard: $49.99
  • Stellar Data Recovery Professional: $79.99
  • Stellar Data Recovery Premium: $99.99
  • Stellar Data Recovery Technician: $199
  • Stellar Data Recovery Toolkit: $299

System requirements: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP / macOS Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14, High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 & 10.7

Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Supported file systems: NTFS, exFAT, FAT(FAT16/FAT32), HFS, HFS+, ext2, ext3, ext4

1. Recoverit Data Recovery

Designed to recover lost partitions and make non-booting disks bootable again, TestDisk is an excellent solution to many desperate data loss scenarios, but its text-only user interface puts it out of the reach of many users.


  • Capable of recovering many different filesystems and partition schemes
  • Broad operating system support
  • Free and open source


  • Lacks an intuitive graphical user interface – command-line only
  • Repairs damaged partitions and file systems but not files

User Experience

If you’ve accidentally and permanently deleted an important file, and you desperately want to get it back, TestDisk isn’t the right choice. This open-source data recovery application doesn’t focus on individual files but entire file systems and partitions. It can fix partition tables, repair boot sectors, and do many other things to restore access to lost files.

It’s true that TestDisk can undelete files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and xt2/ext3/ext4 file systems, but this functionality is tucked away inside the advanced menu, where most regular users never go. Besides, recovering individual files with TestDisk is extremely cumbersome because you can’t preview files before recovery.

But despite its shortcomings, such as the lack of an intuitive graphical user interface, TestDisk remains one of the best data recovery software solutions for Windows, Mac, Linux, and several other operating systems.

Versions / Licensing: Free and open-source

System requirements: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003 / Any recent version of macOS / Linux kernel 2.6.18 or later

Supported languages: English, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Supported file systems: FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and xt2/ext3/ext4

2. Recuva (Windows only)

EaseUS has managed to garner a great deal of positive feedback across a wide spectrum of users, and our experience with its data recovery features has been similarly positive, which is why it deserves a place on this list.


  • Reliable data recovery performance
  • Lets users sort and filter delete files
  • Makes data recovery accessible to anyone


  • Includes unrecoverable files alongside recoverable files
  • Previews only files that are smaller than 100 MB
  • Doesn’t accurately display remaining scan time

User Experience

EaseUS Data Recovery is a tried and tested data recovery software for Windows and Mac. Its developers have successfully made the complicated process of data recovery simple and accessible to anyone. There are no menus with multiple layers and options that require a lengthy manual to decipher what they mean.

When you begin data recovery with this software application, you’re first asked to select a location to scan, such as your hard drive or USB flash drive. You can also select a specific folder, including the Recycle Bin. Then, you simply click the Scan button and wait for EaseUS Data Recovery to find your files.

If your budget is tight, you can purchase EaseUS Data Recovery for just one month. However, we recommend you get a lifetime license for $149.95 to enjoy unlimited free upgrades.

Versions / Licensing:

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free: $0
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro: $69.95 a month
  • EaseUS: Data Recovery Wizard Technician: $299.00 a year

System requirements: Windows 2000 or newer / macOS 10.15 ~ 10.9

Supported languages: English, German, Japanese, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Swedish, Danish, Korean, Russian, Norwegian, Polish, Hungarian, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian

Supported file systems: FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+, ReFS

1. Puran File Recovery (Windows only)

Are you still hungry for more data recovery software? Then take a look at our selection of try-worthy applications that didn’t make it into didn’t make it into the top 10.

  • Windows File Recovery: Developed by Microsoft for its Windows operating system, Windows File Recovery, is a command-line tool capable of recovering permanently deleted files that are no longer present in the Recycle Bin. We just wish it delivered better recovery results and came with an optional graphical user interface.
  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery: If you can live with an outdated user interface and a limited set of features, then the free version of MiniTool Power Data Recovery deserves a download from you since it works well in all kinds of data loss situations.
  • Undelete 360: Last updated in 2017 for Windows 7, Undelete 360 is an outdated data recovery application that has yet to become obsolete. You can use it to recover all Windows-supported storage devices with a few simple clicks, and it even lets you preview files before recovery.
  • Wise Data Recovery: If you want to recover data from an older version of Windows, then Wise Data Recovery is a solid choice. Just keep in mind that you may experience serious issues when using it on Windows 10 and newer.
  • SysTools Data Recovery Software: The long list of features and the highly technical language the official website of this data recovery software uses to describe them should be enough to tell you that this isn’t the most user-friendly software in the world.
  • Remo Data Recovery Software: Because of how dependable Remo Data Recovery Software is, it has received many positive reviews from professional reviewers and real users alike. We just with the Windows application was more polished.
  • Zero Assumption Recovery: Also referred to as ZAR Data Recovery, this Windows software supports Windows FAT, NTFS, Linux ext/2/3/4, and XFS file systems, and you can download it free of charge from its official website.
  • TogetherShare Data Recovery Pro: You can try the full version of TogetherShare Data Recovery Pro without risking anything thanks to the 30-days money-back guarantee. The last version of the software even supports Windows 11.
  • Lazesoft Windows Data Recovery: What’s great about Lazesoft Windows Data Recovery is free price. What’s not so great is its terribly outdated user interface and limited file system and file format support.
  • iBoysoft Data Recovery: iBoysoft Data Recovery doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking in terms of features, design, and performance, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re looking for an instantly recognizable alternative to established data recovery solutions, then this software is worth looking into.
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FreemiumDisk DrillPlatform: Windows, macOS
FreePhotoRecPlatform: Windows, macOS, Linux
FreemiumWondershare RecoveritPlatform: Windows, macOS
FreeRecuvaPlatform: Windows
FreemiumData Rescue 6Platform: Windows, macOS
FreemiumR-StudioPlatform: Windows, macOS, Linux
FreemiumDiskGeniusPlatform: Windows
FreemiumStellar Data RecoveryPlatform: Windows, macOS
FreeTestDiskPlatform: Windows, macOS, Linux
FreemiumEaseUS Data RecoveryPlatform: Windows, macOS

4. Stellar Data Recovery (Windows, Mac)

Using software to recover deleted files is a reliable method of addressing an unexpected data loss scenario. In many cases, hard drive recovery software will get back all or most of the lost files. However, you need to have realistic expectations and understand what affects the reliability and success of data recovery software. Here are some items to keep in mind regarding the use of disk recovery software.

  • 💻 OS Compatibility – The first requirement of disk recovery software is that it runs on your operating system. Look for a solution that gets frequently updated to keep up with new operating system versions and features.
  • 👍 Tool Safety and Reliability – The last thing you want to do is introduce more problems when recovering from data loss. Make sure you download any software tool from a reliable site and scan it for viruses before installing it on your computer. Unscrupulous actors may attach malware to recovery software in the hopes of gaining access to a user’s machine during a stressful time. Downloading software from the developer’s site is usually safer and is preferred over using third-party resellers’ websites.
  • 📞 Technical Support – You need to be able to access technical support if you experience problems using the software. Whether contact is initiated by phone, email, or problem ticket, there needs to be a way to get timely help if you have issues when recovering your lost data.
  • 🤷‍♂️ Recovery Expectations – The probability of successfully using software to recover deleted files from a disk-based storage device is directly related to the amount of use the device has experienced since the data was lost. Using the device risks overwriting the logically deleted files that can be recovered with reliable disk recovery software. Ideally, you should stop using the device as soon as you realize you have lost data, but this might not be possible. You need to keep this fact in mind when evaluating the performance of a data recovery tool.
  • ⛔ Software Limitations – If data has been overwritten, there are no commercially available software tools that will get it back. You may be able to get the files back if you had backed them up before they were deleted. It is strongly recommended that you regularly back up your computer and all its important information. Physically damaged drives are beyond the capabilities of data recovery software but may be salvaged by a data recovery service.
Interesting Read: Top 7 Best USB Data Recovery Software in 2022

5. Disk Drill (Windows, Mac)

Based on our experience and the reviews published by countless real users, Disk Drill is the best data recovery software for Windows 10. Why? Because it delivers best-in-class data recovery results while being so easy to use that even casual users can figure it out without any help.

R-Studio stands out as the best professional data recovery software because it offers an assortment of advanced features, including the ability to recover network disks and damaged RAID arrays. Data recovery professionals should purchase the technician version of the software, which makes it possible to use R-Studio for commercial purposes.

There are many recommendable data recovery software applications that are affordable, but only PhotoRec is completely free and open source. Despite its low price of $0, PhotoRec can recover nearly 500 file extensions, and it runs on all major operating systems.

It’s not a good idea to recover data from a physically damaged hard drive with any data recovery software. That’s because it’s important to first repair the hard drive, otherwise, the recovery attempt might cause further data loss. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, we highly recommend you ship the hard drive to a data recovery service and let professionals repair the damage and recover your data.

There are several HDD recovery software solutions that function well when called upon to perform a deep scan. Our research points to Disk Drill as being among the best at recovering files from a deep scan. As it scans your disk on the sector level, Disk Drill locates and reconstructs lost files in over 400 formats. It can find long-lost data that other recovery tools miss. You can also give other solutions a try, such as Recuva and EaseUS.

Yes, there are several reliable hard drive recovery software solutions for Mac. PhotoRec is free software to recover deleted files. It features a command-line interface and may not be the best solution for inexperienced users. Paid solutions like Disk Drill, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and R-Studio offer users a more intuitive interface and perform their recovery functions reliably. For more alternatives, check out our guide on choosing the best data recovery software for your Mac.

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