Tornado Games Simulator

Tornado simulator(3D), a project made by Digital Swing using Tynker.
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Art, Animation, Game, Maze, Simulator . basic math, simple loops, simple variables, variables, delays, simple conditionals, advanced math.


Tornado simulator(3D). 38 acoustic snare. by Digital Swing.

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  • by Flimsy Tarantula. This is a short simulator inspired by physics, pyrotechnics and particles. If it takes too long to load, download and run the exe/app below for Windows/Mac respectively. Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Left click to shoot.
  • Right click to spawn tornado.
  • R to restart the simulation, P to bring up menu.
  • More controls and abilities are unlocked in Borko's Shop.
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  • Can we not have the house blowing up every time I click play?
  • so you’re just gonna steal or cheat...
  • satellite button
  • tornado simulator title
  • hello. my name is felix. i will teach you how to play hurricane simulator correctly. hopefully you’ll learn after!
  • bottom message box
  • alright. lets get started. so lets start with the categories. you see the circles at the bottom of the screen, those changes the storms category. the most powerful one is the purple which represents category 5 of the saffir—simpson scale. click one of them to see if it changes. you don’t have to you know!
  • if you have affected a country or a place, you could cause damage and deaths due to strong winds, lower pressure, storm surge, and other deadly stuff that could happen when you affected that place. if you cause too much, the retired sign will appear red which means the name will get retired and get replaced by the national weather service.
  • there are two buttons on the right side of the screen. the form button, and the dissipate button. the form button does is it makes a storm form as a extratropical cyclone, remnant low, low pressure, and tropical low! the dissipate button will show that the storm has died due to rapidly weakening. the dissipate button only shows when your storm is at tropical storm status, tropical depression status, and extratropical cyclone status.
  • now try to move the storm by tap and holding the storm in order to move. if you go too far from cape verde which is located east of africa, you could make a crossover from the atlantic, to the pacific. there are other basins that you could go to. now i hope you learned now. good luck!
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