Tornado Simulation 2

Tornado Simulator 2 is a popular storm chasing game created by Alex_ander.

2Vehicles2.1Storm Chasers Team2.2Citizens Team2.3Police Team. 2.1Storm Chasers Team.

2.2Citizens Team. The main premise of the game is to chase tornadoes and record data from them such as their windspeeds, just like real life storm chasers would with real tornadoes.

Players can also play as a citizen or police.

There is a decent selection of vehicles to chose from in game that players can use to chase tornadoes, such as the Scouts, TIV 1 and TIV 2, and even the Dominator.

All of the storm chasing vehicles that you see in game are based off real life storm chasing vehicles.

The Scout Pickup is a truck with special covers over the windows that can protect from hail.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity

Tornado Simulator 2

This is a free pickup truck and is usually the most common to be seen driven by players in game.

The TIV, or Tornado Intercept Vehicle is an armored vehicle designed to intercept tornadoes.

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