Total War Pc Game Download

Release: 2015 Developer: CREATIVE ASSEMBLY. 395 was the final year for the Roman Empire in the game's universe. Our hero - a dangerous leader - Atilla - is able to repulse any state, if he gathers the necessary army.

Events Total War: ATTILA - strategy and tactical simulator of the development of civilization - develop against the background of hunger, pestilence, horror of death and suffering.

An entire empire fell due to natural disasters, and now it's up to you - whether you can repel the blows of enemies or take over the whole world to provide your people with food and a good life.

You can choose one of twelve factions, divided into 5 cultural groups. These will be Huns and White Huns - nomads. Representatives of the Roman Empire from the West or the East. Eastern Power - Sassanids.

The settlers within the game universe are the Suebs, Alans, Vandals, Ostrogoths and Visigoths. And barbarians - Saxons or Franks. Regardless of the faction chosen, the developers presented to us the world of Total War: ATTILA in a different light.

Much affects the economy here: fertile soils are of different types and provide a varied amount of resources. Many industrial buildings pollute the air, and some, on the contrary, purify it. Epidemics and anti-sanitation in the game are a huge scourge to watch out for.

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