Touch 3claws Top Up

Strong anime visual styling that covers cute, cool and stylish archetypes. Fantastic mixture of social interaction and rhythm based gameplay. Impressive soundtrack which while K-Pop heavy has enough variety of K-Pop styles.

Some poor English translations do harm the overall experience.

  • Paid players can have a significant advantage over non paying players in terms of game efficiency. Touch (by 3Claws) is a dance focused experience that offers K-Pop music as a core gameplay mechanic while players attempt to take their character from nobody to a music star.
  • Featuring anime graphic styling with a wealth of over the top customisation this Korean themed adventure is colourful and full of pop.
  • To start your adventure to musical star you’ll be able to customise a Touch character to your preferred gender and style which can range from a cute anime inspired character or something more elegant or cool amongst other options.

At this early stage you’ll also have the opportunity to create a star name along with an introduction to the dancing mechanics that Touch is based around.

  • Similar to other rhythm orientated games Touch challenges players to press the correct arrow key on their keyboard in time with the visual prompts on screen.
  • While these start simple with ample time between inputs and limiting button presses to a single key the game progresses to more complex sequences.
  • To match this the beats and rhythm of the pop music also increase with this difficultly ramp up and outside the early songs that won’t cause too much trouble offers plenty of challenge. Touch by 3Claws is a game about much more than music though and in fact with the large number of things to do in the game it isn’t difficult for players to avoid this feature completely if they want.
  • These other activities things include chatting with other players in the various unique game rooms, customising your character with the huge range of items to create a unique look, completing missions for items or achievements, engaging with mini games or joining in the regular events.

With this impressive feature list Touch ends up with a good mixture of social and music gaming that never gets old.

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