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  • Touch 3Claws is a free to play client-based dancing game where you can dress up and show your style, dancing to your favorite K-Pop music!
  • Enter a world of fun and music, partying and dancing, but remember to bring your best; you're going to need it!
  • Find your couple here & dance with your friends on the dance floor!
  • Listen to your favorite Korean performers and many others, such as Girls Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, GOT7, 2NE1, EXO, and much more!!
  • So, what are you waiting for? Come & Join us now in Touch 3Claws.
  • Korean Fun For Everyone - Enter a world of light and color, of rhythm and bass, and show off your best moves.
  • Listen to all your favorite Korean musicians like Girls Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, GOT7, 2NE1, EXO, and others!
  • Dance To Win - You can dance for fun, or you can dance for glory, and you can even dance for prizes.
  • Enter dance offs and win all sorts of unlocks to customize your character and get the sharpest look.
  • Free To Play Fun - Log in and have fun with freedom from contracts and subscriptions.
  • Everyone can join in the fun, without ever paying a dime to do so!
  • Create your own dance routines with the free version of Toca Dance!Become the choreographer and create moves with three fun characters: Sahar, Märta and K-Boy.
  • Jump, shake and strike a pose — this is Toca Dance Free!REHEARSETake on the role of the choreographer and have your dancers mirror your every move.
  • Once you’re ready and you’ve got the moves down pat, it’s time to send your team to the stage!SET THE STAGEBefore the performance begins, get the stage ready using fireworks and more!
  • Want to change your dancers’ appearance?
  • Go wild and wacky by controlling their head and body size.

    Cheer on your dancers by throwing fun items at the stage like roses, tomatoes, or even money and toilet paper!LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!When you’re ready to start the show, press play!

  • Record your own music video to remember your stellar routine.

    Want an encore performance?

  • Save it to your camera roll and show it off to your family and friends.FEATURES- 3 characters to dance with- 1 soundtrack to dance to- 6 outfits and 2 accessories to choose between- Throw roses, eggs, shoes and toilet paper at the stage- Experiment with 3 fun special effects- Make your own music video!- Open-ended gameplay with no rules or stress- Kid-friendly interface- No third-party advertising- No in-app purchases***ABOUT TOCA BOCAAt Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world.

    We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be.

  • Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences.

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  • Here is a sad storySo I was 6 and I got a fire tablet for Christmas!

    3 years later..

  • it broke so I got a apple iPad I went straight to the AppStore and typed Toca boca and all them cost money!

    So the game that cost money on apple didn’t cost money on the fire tablet and I’m 10 now so obvi it broke 😂 anyways the app it could use some more details maybe like changing the song cause I have to teach dance moves and and do the play and I hear the song over and over.

  • More people I would love more people maybe a dog?

    Anything more LOL.

  • It would take me 15 min on my tablet to find a outfit and 4 min in here.

    The fart noise doesn’t bother me at all I was pressing it so much over here 😅😂 I like this app i just want more stuff please.

  • I love Toca Boca games, and I think THIS ONE GAME in s my favorite.

    It's free, fun, and young age welcoming.

  • Yes, they could use some more things that are in the paid version, BUT did you ever think that the free version has less things then the $2.99 version because the extra things cost money?

    And the complaints about the fart noises, SERIOUSLY?

  • Yes its fart noises, but everyone does it!

    Are you really going to make your kid think that only gross people fart and that farting is a "bad thing"?!

  • Also complaints about the word "stupid" in the song yes you don't want your kid saying it but you can barely here what the song is saying and if you have it to where you can, let your kid know it's a bad word that they WILL get in trouble for saying it or, delete the app if your so upset.

    Hi Toca Boca I am 10 and maybe I am a little too old for these games but I LOVE THIS GAME !

  • Who would not like your games a noob ?

    Well I will tell you the games I have from Toca Boca Hair Salon 💇‍♀️ 4, Toca Life World 🌎 and Toca Kitchen Sushi 🍣!

  • My suggestions are make some more character Clothes because it gets boring after a couple of times using the same stuff over and over again !

    Also maybe can you make some more characters?

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