Toyota Wish Review

Toyota Wish (English "Desire”) - a compact seven-seat minivan, produced from January 2003 in the form of two modifications. In 2005 was produced an updated version of Toyota Wish. The engine is equipped with Toyota Wish control system lifting height of the intake valves «Valvematic» and has an output of 156 hp Transmission is equipped with sports sequential transmission type Shiftmatic ( CVT ).

The exterior design of Toyota Wish combined ideas of spaciousness and sportiness. Seats in the car Toyota Wish 2015 received special treatment to destroy the allergens.

The rear seats fold completely, increasing the space in the cabin for transportation of goods or leisure. The air conditioning system is equipped with Plasmacluster, which feeds into the machine the required number of positive and negative ions. Inside, there are several airbags for both driver and passengers. The Toyota Wish 2015 deserves the highest praise and most sincere respect.

This is the car, which in its properties and characteristics ranks first among all the models. At its core there is a 5-door minivan, which appeared on the world stage.

Since then fired a number of model series. Latest brand is very different from the original source, which is much pleased, because manufacturers do not stand still, and trying to improve and refine their design. The appearance of this car is as usual style and concise. Cars of this kind can be used for all occasions and all will be at the height of the driver.

Auto has a length of 4.7 m, width 1.7 m, height up to 2 m, and the engine is at least 2000sm3. According to Japanese model parameters can be classified as "5 number». The model is available in two versions: with the engine 1.8 liter and 2, each of which has a system of Valvematic. Here you can choose to your liking. At present two models of gas distribution system and DOHC four-cylinder. Transmission used in both types of model, variability, thereby saving fuel consumption and less.

For such a machine is a major plus: 100 km machine spends 6.6 liters of gasoline - all-wheel drive, front-wheel and if it is even less - 6.1 liter. Batteries have improved their work, due to additional improvements.

Interior is distinguished by its comfort and convenience, which is an integral feature. A feature of the new models is that the position of the seat can be changed, in other words placed in the other direction and so as you wish. This is a great feature of the interior, so let’s move on very long distances and the space inside is enough for all.

In other words - the seat are transformers. Everything else remains the same. Trunk still pleases its capacity.

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