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Welcome to the VOSAN drift tracks page, find on this page all of the drift tracks you will ever need! From the most popular tracks out right now, to the most popular tracks from years ago! Find it all on VOSAN Co.

Competitive tracks, fun tracks and everything in-between. Narrow your search down to just fun tracks.

Tsukuba Fruits Line

We class fun tracks as anything from touge roads, circuits, city streets anything that is not a competitive layout.

Most of these tracks are great fun for tandems with friends with ease. Narrow your search down to just the Competitive tracks! We class Competitive tracks as any circuit or street with a start and end marker and clipping zones. CG WOODLANDZ DRIFT New track by ClutchGang CG Patreon Download Now Track.. Fuj1ma’s Drift Touge Features: 2 Layouts (Up-hill, Down-hill) 52 grid/pit spots Separate..

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OTM Lime Rock Drift Credits: OnTheMountain Team VOSAN Download Now VOSAN.

Tsukuba Fruits Line A fantastic touge road makes for great tandems. ADC Klutch Kickers Drifters Paradise Credits: Aussie Drift Co. Download Now Track.. Follow the button to our submissions page, where you can find a track submission form. Sharing your tracks with VOSAN ensures you reach thousands of people. LP Grassroots V1 LP Grassroots V1 track for assetto corsa..


Art of Rally 780. Assetto Corsa Competizione 2k.

AMS Tracks 147. DIRT Series 3k. DiRT Rally 2.0 1k. F1 20xx Series 9k. F1 2021 Skins 254. F1 2021 Helmets 154. F1 2020 Helmets 305. F1 2019 Helmets 340. F1 2018 Helmets 292. F1 2017 Helmets 346. F1 2016 Helmets 72. F1 2015 Helmets 62. F1 2014 Helmets 162. F1 2013 Helmets 163. F1 2013 Wheels 36. F1 2013 Tracks 84.


F1 2013 Database 28. F1 2012 Skins 244. GRID Series 315.

GRID (2019) 10. GTL Tracks 162. GTR 2 Skins 82. Kart Racing Pro 4. MXGP Series 103. My Summer Car 2k. MSC 3D Models 54. MSC Vehicles 36. Project CARS 3 1. pCARS 2 Cars 1. pCARS 2 Misc 56. R07 Tracks 178. rF2 Tracks 129. rFactor Plugins 5. rFactor Tracks 292. RIDE Series 154. Bob's Track Builder 46. Formula Truck 72. Motorsport Manager 60. SCE Tracks 155. The following 'how-to' guide walks you through the step by step process of downloading mods such as race tracks and cars for Assetto Corsa, using an interface called Content Manager and a website called Racedepartment.What Is Content Manager And Why Do You Want It?Content Manager is basically a different interface for controlling the popular sim racing game Assetto Corsa.

Race tracks

It allows you to control every aspect of the game in a more informative and less clunky way than the the native game interface.

One of the main reasons people use Content Manager though is because it makes installing new cars and tracks incredibly simple.Content Manager is free to download here.Scroll to the bottom of the page (you are looking for download links as per the screenshot below). What Is Racedepartment And Why Do You Want It? is a news site for all things sim racing, motorsport and eSports.

ADC Klutch Kickers Drifters Paradise

It is also one of the leading repositories for free sim racing content such as downloadable cars, tracks, skins/liveries and much more for all kinds of sim racing games, not just Assetto Corsa.In this article we are going to focus on downloading content such as a track or car, finding it within our downloads, dragging it to Content Manager, installing it and accessing it.

We will also cover a few common issues you might encounter. How to Download Free cars & tracks For Assetto Corsa:. How to Download Free cars & tracks For Assetto Corsa:1. The easiest way to find content in race department is not by using the in-built search in the website (mainly because It is the worst search tool in the history of search tools) but by going to Google and searching there instead.


So for example, if I wanted to download Donington Park, I would open Google and search ‘Donington Park Assetto Corsa Racedepartment’.

This will give you the most popular/relevant download to your search. Once you have clicked the link within Google, you will be brought into Race Department. You will now see a button to ‘Download’Note: You must sign-in in order to see this download button and to be able to download any content. This can be done by registering an account with Racedepartment or it will give you options to login via your socials e.g Facebook.

How to Download & Install Free Cars & Tracks For Assetto Corsa/Content Manager

Once you click download, depending on your settings, your download should appear within the ‘Downloads’ folder.4.

Open Content Manager.5. Drag the Donington zipped file from your downloads folder onto Content Manager and drop it.6. You will now see this icon at the top right side is green. Click this icon and you will see you download in here with the content.8. Click install.9. Once installed it, the track/car will now be available in the top left under car/track selection.10.

OTM Lime Rock Drift

If the content will not drag and drop, you will need to manually put the content into it’s folder within Assetto Corsa’s files.The typical file path is as follows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content.

Right click the file, extract.12. Go to the content folder within here.13. Car or track folder.14. Then drag and drop the file e.g Donington goes into the track folder. Restart Content Manager.16. Your content will then be available for use. We have also provided a video tutorial below that may also assist you with this.

Fuj1ma’s Drift Touge

Collection of quality track mods.

All mods tested. To install mod just copy the folder to C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks. Don't forget to delete previous version. Latest updates on Main Page. All download links are checked. Version from Race Department. Version from Race Department. Version 0.9+surface fix (15.0317).

Version from Race Department. Version from Race Department. Version from Race Department. Lenght: >10km. Version from Race Department. Lenght: 19.99km. Lenght: 20.48km. Lenght: 24.766km. Lenght: 6.142km. Lenght: 5.812km. Lenght: 8.564km.

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