Traktor Ddj Mapping

My name is Stevan, better know as “Stewe the Mapping Ninja” in DJ Techtools community and my job is to make midi controllers sing in Traktor =).

I’m also a big fan of NI Traktor Pro and I have 17 years of experience with building MIDI controller mappings.

The following is the list of all services in offer:.

Help with your Mapping Layout design. Let me know which functions you need and you will get the perfect layout for your controller.

Build a new Mappings from the scratch. This can be anything from a basic single layer tool and all the way to the “Power User Mappings” which are offering a ton of layers of software functions.

Edit any of already existing Mappings in any way.

Best places to fing Traktor mappings online are DJ Techtools MIDIMAPS section and Traktorbible website.

It is likely that you will find something useful, especially if you have some of more popular DJ controllers.

If you find the kind of mapping you are looking for be sure to support the author!

Send that energy back by saying thank you, they dedicated a lot of time and probably went trough several prototypes before they finalized it.

Some of these mappings can be incomplete and need bug fixing or additions to the list of software functions.

Create special “Macro Effects” and “Super Knobs” (aka Instant Gratification effects) this knob can adjust as many effect parameters that you want in any kind of way.

Create automated functions in Traktor.

Push a button to start effects and have them modulate automatically while having both hands on the mixer or decks.

Give support to any kind of mapping or any general question about using Traktor, Maschine, Ableton, Serato and DJ Pro!

Accepting Visa card and PayPal as a method of payment.

For your mapping inquiries please refer to Controllers and Contact section of the site.

You can also choose to reach out to me directly via the email: ([email protected]).

Before you send your custom mapping inquire please refer to the list of all supported controllers.

If you don’t see your controllers listed down below and you still want to receive the mapping services than please provide the list of midi messages of your controller.

Allen & Heath Xone:96.

Allen & Heath Xone:K1, K2. Behringer BCD3000. Behringer CMD DC-1. Behringer CMD LC-1. Behringer CMD MM-1.

Behringer CMD PL-1.

Behringer CMD Studio 2A.

Behringer CMD Studio 4A.

Behringer FCB1000 (midi foot controller).

Bome Translator Pro.

Computer Keyboard.

Denon MC-6000, MK2.

DJTT Midifighter 3D (see at DJ Techtools online Store).

DJTT Midifighter 64 (see at DJ Techtools online Store).

DJTT Midifighter Spectra.

DJTT Midifighter Twister (see at DJ Techtools online Store).

Electrix Tweaker. Livid Instruments ALIAS 8.

Livid Instruments BASE, II. Livid Instruments BLOCK. Livid Instruments CNTRL:R. Livid Instruments CODE.

Livid Instruments DS-1.

Livid Instruments MINIM.

Livid Instruments OHM.

Novation Launchpad.

Novation Launch Control.

Novation Launch Control XL, MK2.

NI Kontrol S2, MK2, MK3.

NI Kontrol S4, MK2, MK3.

NI Kontrol S5 (MIDI Mode only).

NI Kontrol X1, MK2.

NI Komplete Kontrol M32.

NI Maschine JAM. NI Maschine Mikro, MK2, MK3. NI Maschine, MK2, MK3.

NI Maschine Studio. Numark Mixtrack Pro 2. Numark Omni Control.

Numark Party Mix. Pioneer DDJ-200.

Pioneer DDJ-400.

Pioneer DDJ-800.

Pioneer DDJ-1000, SRT.

Pioneer DDJ-SB, SB2, SB3.

Pioneer DDJ-SP1.

Pioneer DDJ-SR, SR2.

Pioneer DDJ-SX, SX2.

Pioneer DDJ-SZ, SZ2. Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4.

Pioneer DDJ-XP1, XP2.

Vestax VCI-400 EGE.

D - loop size 2

E - loop size 4

F - loop size 8

G - loop size 16

H - loop size 32

34 - remix deck on: A - slot cell 1 trigger (I mapped only one for my dj drop)

35 - load track on deck “A”

36 - load track on deck “B”

37 - move up/down list (press open browser mode)

38 - record on/off

39 - master volume

40 - headphones mix

41 - deck layout selector

42 - deck “C”&”D” size select

43 - favorites decrease

44 - favorites increase

45 - deck “A” cue monitor on/off

46 - deck “B” cue monitor on/off

47 - deck “A” fader start

48 - deck “B” fader start

49 - crossfader

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