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Payload Analysis

Load Xpert is a user friendly axle load calculation software that lets you visually configure most types of trucks. Add single or multiple payloads and software will display axle loads instantly. With a click of a mouse you can drag loads to different places on the trailer and see the axle loads recalculated in real time!

Imagine how impressive this can be if you do this in front of a customer. You can do the same operation with fifth wheel, axle groups and accessories. You can also store in the software database all size and weight info of your tractors, trailers, accessories, payloads, axle groups, etc. You can print superb presentation drawings of your vehicle with complete size and weight info.

Axle Load Calculation

Click for Info on Job-File III for CTEA members (CTEA: Canadian Transportation Equipment Association). Choice of single, tandem or tridem steer and drive axles. Supports unlimited number of axle groups for trailers (single, tandem, triple, quad, lift and sliding; pusher or tag).

Supports adding body and unlimited number of loads and accessories. Add unlimited number of compartments for tank vehicles. Supports for hitch load for straight trucks (i.e. load transferred from trailer). “Click & Drag” fifth wheel, kingpin, axles, pintle hook, loads and accessories and see instantly their effect on axle loads and C.G.

View and print truck in side and top views with dimensions and weight distribution. Use Load Xpert’s LX-CAD, a simple drawing package to modify the look of your tractors, trailers, loads and accessories via DXF link. Choice of units: US or metric. Calculates overall C.G. (Center of Gravity) for trucks, loads, accessories, etc.

Calculates maximum allowable payload and its position based on desired loads (Choose U. Interstate Bridge Formula or user-defined loads) .

Calculates maximum allowable payload based on weight ratings (GVWR and GAWR). Verify whether your truck complies with the U.S. Interstate Bridge Formulas. Print bridge violations and allowable loads for all bridge combinations. Side and top views with dimension & weight distribution. – Maximum Payload & Payload Analysis.

Axle Load Calculation Software

Unclear Pin Movement

Bridge Formula Verification. – Load & Accessory lists. Save all your vehicles, bodies, accessories, axle groups and loads in the database. Database can be shared by several users in a network. Super Heavy Haul : Axle Load Calculation (optional module).

You need this app!

Jeeps, Reverse Jeeps, Spreader Bridges, Bridge Dollies, Pusher Trucks.

C. G. Calculation (Vertical, horizontal & lateral)

Unlimited number of axles: single, tandem, tridem and multi-axle groups.

Axles with 2, 4, or 8 tires (Normal, Trunnion, and Dual lane). Towed or Hauled (5th wheel) units. Mix and match front and rear units. Choice of load carrying units (Drop deck loads, Bridge loads, Schnable, etc.).

Support loads with off-centered C.G. Save all units in the database. Professional printouts (top and side views with dimensions and weight distribution).

A personal computer running Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista or Windows 7 1024×768 or higher resolution monitor.

Maximum Payload Calculation

This is a simple Truck App to calculate the Weight on the Drive and Trailer Axles, when weighing on a Platform scale. You can make a quick comparison to the allowable limits of your Truck.

Obviously you should use a CAT Scale when available, as CAT Scales are guaranteed to be accurate.

  • However, if a CAT scale is not within a reasonable distance, the Truck Axle Weights calculator will help verify your weight on your Drive and Trailer axles, reducing math errors.It works with 3 and 4 axle tractors.
  • The difference will be, that the allowable weight on 3 drives or 3 Trailer axels will obviously be more than on 2 drives or 2 trailer axels. It does not show legal weights because legal weights depend on the distance between axles, or the manufacturer specification, which ever is lower; plus there are some grandfathered weights and the states proclivity to round up or round down.

To calculate allowable weights, see RoadTrucker's Free App, "RT Bridge Calculator for Truckers".Note: This app is for use on Platform Scales.

App Privacy

DO NOT USE ON CAT SCALES. It is NOT needed as the CAT scales will give you each axel directly, so there is nothing to calculate.

Tractor and Trailer. Here's the Screen Shots for RT Axle Weight, showing the Results from entering, 12,000 lbs for the Steer Axel; 46,000 lbs for the Tractor (Steer & Drive Axels together) and 80,000 lbs for the entire Truck & Trailer.

Notice the Steer axel does not need to be calculated, but does need to entered to calculate the Drive and Trailer axles. Pull the Steer tires of your cab onto the Platform scale. Open the Application. - After 1 seconds, the keyboard will come up. Input your Steer Weight from the scale. Pull your entire Tractor onto the Platform scale.

Input your Tractor Weight - When selected, the App will scroll up, showing that a 3d input box is available. Pull your entire Truck and Trailer onto the Platform scale. Input your total Truck and Trailer Weight - When selected, the App will scroll up, showing that a Calculate button is available. Press the Calculate Button. The Truck Axle Weights calculator will show you the weight on your steer, drive and trailer axle/s. The Steer you get directly from the scale.

Cost Savings

Press Ok to exit the box. Send us your comments / suggestions / feedback for App development. RoadTrucker Feedback Form. Note: The above App is Copyright Protected. You are welcome to advertise the above App and offer it FREE to your website visitors, under the condition that you link back to this page, using a clickable follow or nofollow link and giving RoadTrucker full credit for the development.


Selling this application is strictly prohibited by RoadTrucker. Truck Scale Calculator is a utility app designed to assist truck drivers in analyzing the weights of their axles.

It is designed for rigs which are either: 1) 3 axle sets, including steers, drives, and tandems; or, 2) 4 axle sets, including steers, drives, and two different spread axles. It is also designed to input the scale readings from either a short platform or long platform scale.


Developer Response,

For long scales, it can compute for either "scaling on" or "scaling off" - i.e., gross weight first or last.Once the readings are entered, the app calculates the weights on each axle set and displays them in a summary screen.

Weights that exceed the predefined limits (which can be adjusted in settings) are displayed in red.

Great app

Then, the user can adjust the fifth wheel toward the front or back, and the steer axle and drive axles weights will be adjusted according to a predefined amount which can be adjusted by the user.

For tandem rigs, the user can adjust the tandem slide toward the front or back as well.


This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.Bug fixes: 1) crash on FRONT or BACK buttons because of space in number format, 2) crash on share controller iPad.

I like the app. Easy to use with one exception. If your pin is in home #5 and the app says minus 3. Does that mean move the on forward or back? Re-label the tabs from plus and minus to forward and back. Take the easiest and most accurate way to get your weights legal!

No more scrabbling around for paper & pen (and calculator) with this app, just enter your 1st scale ticket 🎫 weights and hit ‘calculate’ get the results right there, see the results of sliding tandems or 5th wheel forward or back by a single or multiple holes.

Simple, accurate and a real time saver, especially if you want to go through the routine of scaling, parking, going inside to get your ticket. Use in conjunction with Cat Scale WeighMyTruck and you’re on your legal way in a fraction of the time! I don’t think it’s that good. Did you get the right app?

Thanks very much. This app is amazing worth every penny , it saves me so much time to sit there and calculate everything on a calculator especially when I’m running late somewhere I can just drive up and put in every number right away drive then drive+steer and then whole gross weight , I was looking for a app like this for a while now and this is the only one that I know exist like this every other app wasn’t what I needed !

The developer, Bruce Fraser, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple.

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.

Up to six family members can use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

Example tridem on an rgn

Quad Axle: A quad axle is made up of four consecutive axles spaced within a state posted limit of each other

Example quad axle on an extendable step deck trailer

Note: Axle groups of five and more axles may be used when hauling certain loads. These are uncommon special cases and not all states specify weight limits for five and over axle groups.


Axle groups above are determined based on the distance between the axles and are different in many states. Sliding axles apart will give you a higher weight.

U. S. Interstate Bridge Formula Verification

Some states consider steer and drive axles as a different type of axle and will give you a higher or a lower limit on them. For example many states will give you a different tire weight rating for the steer.

Always make sure to check if there is a different steer weight limit or tandem drive axle limit posted by the state.

Screen Shots

During the spring thaw, the roadbed is softened by moisture trapped beneath the pavement, reducing the supporting strength of the road to less than the original construction strengths. For that reason during spring, the northern states significantly reduce the permitted allowable weights.

Always make sure to research the frost laws of the state you go through during spring months. You can find that information on our frost laws by state page.

What’s New

Now that you understand what is involved in determining state limits, you can use the map below to lookup specific state regulations or use the calculator below.Every US state and Canadian province has its own regulations concerningoverweight loads and must be researched. Each has available literature that it provides to help you make an informeddecision about how to configure your equipment or disperse your load weight while traveling on their roadways.



Professional Printouts has accounted for every state’s specific rules and regulations for both legal and max permitted axle weights. Simply input your gross weight and vehicle configuration and select the states you are going through to see if your weight distribbution is legal or permittable. You can change the weight distribution by changing each axle weight or axle spacing (if you have a slide axle trailer).

RT Axle Weight Calculator

Max Legal Weight for GVW under 80,000 lbs and Max Permitted Weight for GVW over 80,000 lbs

Preview and Print:

Roadway regulations governing overweight loads can be a hassle, but they serve a very important purpose. They protectour infrastructure and provide a standard that effects domestic and worldwide economies. Axle weights, axle spacings, tire widths,and manufacturer’s ratings are the most important factors to consider. Each state has their own guidelines concerning each one ofthese factors. has considered all the state guidelines and done that research for you. Simply input your configurationinto our system and receive immediate feedback on whether your load meets state and federal guidelines. Don’t hesitate to contactus with any further questions.

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