Turn Off Offline Mode Spotify

"Though I sure my device has connected to WiFi, I get a message that saying I'm in offline mode on Spotify. Normally, all Spotify users can play music from Spotify once they have connected to WiFi, however some subscribers complain that they receive a message indicating no internet connection from Spotify when they successfully connect to WiFi.

Part 1. How to Solve Spotify Says Offline Issue

If you are also annoyed with that problem, you can totally try below solutions to fix it.

Though you don't know why Spotify saying offline happens, you can try to re-login to Spotify at first. Click in the top-right corner or the screen and select "Log Out", then enter your ID and password to back in again.

Part 2. How to Listen to Spotify Offline without Premium

Click on your profile at the bottom of the left side menu and select "LOG OUT", then back in by entering your ID and password.

On Mobile and Tablet:. Tap Home > Your Library > Settings and scroll to the bottom, then tap "Log out" and back in.

If you can't solve your problem after trying solution 1, then you can try to check the network and firewall as your firewall - the software might wrongly thinks that Spotify likely pose a threat to your computer.

Therefore, try the below solution. Step 1: First click on Change Settings. Step 2: Then tick the box next to Spotify.

Step 3: At last, click on OK. Step 1: Click on Firewall option to open it. Step 2: Click on lock icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

You might be asked to enter your administrator username and password. Step 3: Click on Advanced to bring up a firewall security dialog box and click on + icon below Block All Incoming Connections.

Download songs and playlists for offline listening

Step 4: Select Spotify from the Browse dialog box and click on Add.

As Spotify might be not available for your country or region, so that you need to access to Spotify with VPN.

If so, you should check if VPN is correctly connected.

To do that, you can try to see if you can browse through some limited webpages that can't be access to without VPN connection.

If the VPN is incorrectly connected, then you are supposed to see what happen to your VPN.

When you turn on Offline mode, you can have access to tracks that you mark as available in Offline mode, but it might result in Spotify saying no internet connection when you connect to WiFi, so if you have turned on Offline mode on Spotify, then you should follow below guides to turn off Offline mode.

Tap Settings button, then swipe the Offline Mode switch to Off position in the Settings screen.

Go to More > Settings, then disable the Offline Mode in the Settings screen. Reinstalling might be helpful for fixing many common issues you are experiencing. So for those who have a problem that Spotify says in offline, you can try to reinstall Spotify on your computer or portable devices. Step 1: Click on Spotify in the menu bar and then Quit Spotify. Step 2: Open Finder and then click on Go > Library in the menu bar.
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