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Release: 2003 Developer: Epic Games Inc. First person shooter - Unreal 2: The Awakening - is a continuation of the first part. The game has undergone significant changes in the graphics and gameplay aspects.

There are more weapons, and the control is completely controlled by the plot. In 2251, after the events of the first part, John Dalton and his team patrol space in the far reaches. Since our hero is a Marshal of the Earth Colonial Administration, he periodically visits Avalon, the headquarters of TCA. This is where the story campaign begins. Having learned that he is not being recruited again, and that a new application can be sent only six months later, the hero is sent back to Atlantis - a spaceship, where he will carry out a new task from the government.

Our hero, together with the team, goes to other planets, where he finds alien artifacts that are absolutely invulnerable to any damage. Suddenly it turns out that, together with Dalton, the Skaarjei are hunting for artifacts - the only and main enemies of the earthlings, as well as Izanagi and Liandri.

During the search, we will fight off enemies.

When part of the mission has been completed, together with the artifacts of destructive power, we arrive at Avalon, where we talk about the attacks.

However, it is getting too late because the Skaarjei have already taken over the base. Hawkins - Commander - turns out to be a traitor who ordered to find artifacts in order to rule the world. The shooter Unreal 2: The Awakening has been heavily changed from the first part. Physics, ballistics and the number of weapons have undergone significant changes.

Now we can pick up everything that lies well, but while we are flying, we will observe beautiful landscapes from 2003 (the year the game was created).

Version: v 2.001 (1403). (max speed + fast connection).

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