Usb Port Locker With Serial Key

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Usb serial port driver download

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Usb Port Lock With Key

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Usb Port Locker

Use this SY-ACC20165 port blocker to prevent other devices from being connected to the system. Keep out devices such as Pen Drive, Mass Storage Devices, Cell Phone Adapters, and more. The port blocker includes a 'key' which is used to lock in and remove the USB blockers. USB Port Blocker: 4 Red. The key will be saved to the USB drive as a hidden file with the.bek file extension. You can see it if you show hidden files. You’ll be asked to insert the USB drive the next time you boot your computer. Be careful with the key–someone that copies the key from your USB drive can use that copy to unlock your BitLocker-encrypted drive. 01 – Rohos Mini Drive Free Windows. Rohos Mini Drive password-protects a USB flash drive.

Our smartest and most-secure design built on smart card technology that has been tested to EAL5+. With the addition of our CodeVault technology, security is further enhanced with the ability to execute application code on the device itself. Options for added security like Real Time Clock (RTC), added flash memory and size variations makes FORTRESS our most premier dongle.


Driverless, cross-platform security key with the same reliability as our trusted KEYLOK2 USB license dongle but eliminates the requirement for driver installation by end-users.

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