Vcds Lite Registration Crack

VCDS 11.11.4 Serial number ※ Download: End of day can be late in the evening sometimes. Then, if you ever trade your old car in on a new one, we'll give you full credit for what you've already spent with us towards the purchase of a system which works with your newer car. Fill out the remainder of the form and submit it.

VCDS-Lite Activation Instructions

Dongle Interface users:

VCDS-Lite is NOT intended for use with any of our current interfaces. If you're using a Dongle Interface (such as a KEY-, KII-, HEX-, or MICRO- series) you should download and install the current version of VCDS which will read the license from your Dongle-interface.


'Dumb' Interface users:

When you first download and install VCDS-Lite, it will be in 'Shareware' mode. It will access all the control modules in your car and perform a number of useful functions, but some functionality is blocked until the software is registered and activated.

VCDS-Lite generates a unique software Serial Number on each computer where it is installed. In order to to Activate VCDS-Lite, you must provide the Serial Number that VCDS-Lite shows on the computer on which you intend to use it!. You will find the serial number on the 'About' screen of the program.

Before requesting an Activation:

Please test VCDS-Lite to make sure it communicates properly with all the systems in your car. You can do quite a bit without activating the program! VCDS-Lite registrations are not refundable. If you are not sure if it's working properly, ask us!

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