Vice City Helicopter Locations

Helicopters in GTA Vice City are one of the best ways to explore the city. The game has a wide array of vehicles that you can steal, drive, and possibly crash.

From small motorcycles to roaring sports cars and even military tanks, the fun never stops while you get creative at causing endless mayhem in your wake through Vice City. But it's the helicopter that's the most useful and awe-inspiring, allowing you to fully explore without worrying about traffic jams or bodies of water.

How to Get a Helicopter in GTA Vice City? Use these Cheat ...

If you're looking for more explainers, we have pages on Vice City properties, opening up closed bridges in Vice City and GTA Vice City cheats. There are 12 possible Helicopter variants that you can pilot in GTA Vice City.

Can we Fly Helicopter in GTA Vice City?

To unlock them so they appear across the map - including the previously empty eastern helicopter locations in Ocean Beach, Vice Point, and Prawn Island - you must progress through the story first and open up all Vice City bridges by completing the 13th story mission 'Phnom Penh '86'.

You can, of course, glitch your way to the other island early if you want to fully explore Vice City's map and pilot a helicopter early.

Where To Get Helicopters in GTA Vice City? Locations and ...

Also, the cheats from the PS2 original for spawning a helicopter don't work in later PC or console re-releases - so you have to find them yourselves. Helicopters are sitting in various heliports across the map, which sometimes are hosting more than one vehicle at once.

Where is a Helicopter in GTA Vice City?

The list of Helicopters you can find in Vice City goes as follows:. Sparrow #1 - Vice City Mainland Police Station:. Sparrow #2 - Little Haiti:. Sparrow #3 - Vice Point:.

Every Helicopter Location in GTA Vice City (GTA Trilogy Edition)

Sparrow #4 - Ocean Beach:. Sea Sparrow - Vercetti Estate:. Appache #1 - Fort Baxter Air Base:. Appache #2 - Ocean Beach:. Maverick #1 - Vercetti Estate:. Maverick #2 - Downtown:. Police Maverick - Vice City Mainland Police Station:.

When can I Get a Helicopter in Vice City?

VCN Maverick - Downtown:. Skimmer - Prawn Island:. When you get into a Helicopter, a few seconds will pass with the vehicle starting up. Once it's ready, the main controls for the Helicopter vehicles are the following: .

How can I Get Helicopter in GTA Vice City?

Pressing Up / W on PC, or B on an Xbox Controller, will make the Helicopter ascend. Pressing Down/S/, or X on an Xbox Controller, will make the Helicopter descend.

Hold it down when landing, so the vehicle doesn't bounce before you get out. Pressing Num 9/Num 6 on PC or Left Analog Stick (Xbox Controller) will make the Helicopter's nose go up or down.

Pressing A/D on PC or Left Analog Stick (Xbox Controller) will make it steer left or right.
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