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Download Virtual DJ 2022 for Windows

Virtual DJ is one of the best DJ mixing software and it is also free for home use. It will be useful for you to learn if you are a beginner and to practice if you are a professional 🙂.

⬇ Just click on one of the 2 buttons below, depending on whether your computer uses a Windows or Mac OS. The download will start immediately. ✅ The latest version available.✅ Fast and safe download, the link comes from the official source, Atomix:ℹ Virtual DJ is completely free for home use.

Not so for commercial use, for which you should purchase a license.ℹ Atomix recommends at least Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.10.

Download Virtual DJ 2022 for Mac

But Windows 10 or Mac OSX 11 would be ideal. It is a very intuitive software, whether you are a professional or a beginner you will easily use the program. You can use it even if you don’t have DJ equipment.

Plug & Play: You can connect the DJ equipment to your computer and it should work immediately because of its automatic detection (not the free version).

  • It has all the features of a mixer, equalization and filtering, effects, loops, hot cues, sampler, the possibility to create libraries and organize your music.
  • Also the SYNC button or automatic synchronization (if you want to use it, I recommend you not to use it to learn). Even innovative controls to isolate vocals, instrumentals and bases.

Which is very useful to make your own mashups. Also the SYNC button or automatic synchronization (if you want to use it, I recommend you not to use it to learn).

Even innovative controls to isolate vocals, instrumentals and bases. Which is very useful to make your own mashups. Possibility of VideoMixing, i.e.

How to Download Virtual DJ

  1. mix also your music with video, using the projections they offer you with abstract visual effects sensitive to the music.
  2. Automix function: Create a playlist and let Virtual DJ mix the music by itself.
  3. This can be useful for meetings or parties, where you don’t specifically want to perform a DJ session, but you want background music while you do or enjoy other things.
  4. You will be able to record your sessions. You will be able to broadcast live over social networks.
  5. It includes video tutorials for you to learn how to get the most out of all its functions.

Features and Functions:

If you want, you can see more of its features here or the user manual here.

  1. 3 Download Virtual DJ 2022 for Mac.
  2. Scroll down to VirtualDJ and click UNINSTALL.
  3. A dialog box will ask for permission to remove the program. Click Yes, and the program will completely remove VirtualDJ 2022 from your Windows computer.

VirtualDJ 2022 Overview

Atomix Productions has released the latest version of the popular free DJ software, VirtualDJ 2022. With an updated look, a two-deck console is a useful tool, whether you’re a professional DJ or just like hearing your music a certain way.

This is a complete solution for all music lovers. In addition to mixing beats, the VirtualDJ can record both audio and video, burn discs, work as a karaoke machine, and it’s all 100% free.

It’s easy to organize your tracks and create playlists, use the filter to discover hot songs, or find compatible bpm or key. VirtualDJ 2022 can find any track you need with high-powered search capabilities, and then stream it to your playlist. (This feature requires a pro subscription).

VirtualDJ 2022 can also make recommendations on what track to play next based on the millions of users who allow automatic reports to be generated.

The DJ console was designed to look as close to an actual turntable as possible. All the tools and buttons that you need are on the lower half of the console, such as Beatgrid, Sampler, Record, and Effects. It also comes with a lot of effects that you can add to your mixes, such as a Siren, Explosion, Air Horn, Applause, and more. There are also video effects and transitions that you can use if you’re adding a visual aspect to your show.

It won’t take long for you to sound like a professional with auto-syncing, cue, and a mix assistant.


Is VirtualDJ 2022 free?

The basic program is 100% free. You can click on the button above to download the program and start using it right away, no registration required. However, there are some features that do require a Pro subscription.

Is VirtualDJ 2022 safe?

I tested the file in VirusTotal and it had 0 flags. As long as you download an official file it should be clean and without bloatware, adware, and malware.

How do I upgrade from VirtualDJ 2018 to VirtualDJ 2022?

You can auto-upgrade your VirtualDJ 2018 to the latest version. Take note, since the VirtualDJ 2018 is 32-bit, the upgrade will be a 32-bit version VirtualDJ 2022 instead of the default 64-bit software. If you want the 64-bit version you will need to manually download the file and reinstall it. It will save all your preferences, playlists, and settings.

Is VirtualDJ 2022 touch-friendly?

Yes, there is a touchscreen option that will give you the same type of control as you’d have if you were spinning a real turntable.

Can I record tracks with VirtualDJ 2022?

Of course. Create the playlist you want to record, and click the “Record” button. You can add any effects and transitions you want.

Is VirtualDJ compatible with my DJ gear?

Yes! VirtualDJ has “plug and play” support for over 300 controllers. Everything from beginner controllers to professional mixers from leading brands like Pioneer, Numark, Hercules, and more.

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