Virtual Dj Video Transitions

Single Source Video

2 deck video mixing

Video between the left and right decks is mixed based on the position of the Video Crossfader. The Video crossfader can be moved individually (when MANUAL is selected), linked to the audio crossfader (when LINKED TO AUDIO is selected) or operate in Smart Mode (when SMART is selected). These options can be selected from the Video Output Menu.

Video Mixing with the Video Crossfader
The crossfader and Volume faders of the controller/mixer send MIDI messages that are assigned with VDJ-script actions to control the audio crossfader and Volume faders of the internal VDJ mixer. The video mix behaves differently depending on which option is enabled:

2. SMART Enabled

Video Mixing with External Mixers
When an external mixer without MIDI capability is used, you have 2 options:
1. Automatically: Have SMART enabled. In this case, the Video mixing will be done automatically and the position of the Video crossfader is defined on the play status of the decks.
2. Manually: Use the Video transition button or another custom/keyboard/controller button assigned as "video_transition Xms" to manually move the Video crossfader from one side to the other.
External Mixer Video Mixing Examples (MIDI and Non-MIDI)
1. A mixer with MIDI capabilities and Volume faders are used to mix audio
In this case you have the following options:

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2. A mixer without MIDI capabilities is used
In this case you have the following options:

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4 deck video mixing

When 4 or more decks are used, Video is mixed based on the position of the Video Crossfader, along with which Decks are assigned to the Left and Right sides of the video crossfader. Note that only 2 decks can be mixed in video at the same time.
There are 2 ways to define which decks are assigned to the Left /Right sides of the Video Crossfader:
1. Automatic Assign

2. Manual Assign

Note: The deck video previews of the will always show the LEFT/RIGHT selected decks, regardless of which deck is set to the Left/Right sides of the Video Crossfader.

Video mixing using more than 2 Volume Faders

As mentioned above, video mixing is done using video sources from only 2 decks at the same time. However, more decks can be mixed at the same time if the selected Video Transition supports that. Currently there are 2 available:

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