Vodacom Network Unlock Code Free

Sim network unlock pin is a form of restriction carried out by mobile manufacturers so that users do not exercise too much choice that enables them switch from one country to another or from network to network. This restriction is in-built when you purchase your phone from mobile manufacturers and is seen in both GSM and CDMA phones. In other words, sim network unlock is done primarily to avoid consumers misusing a mobile manufacturer’s special offers while purchasing the phone.

Turn on your phone. Wait for the Unlock Menu prompt. Enter #PW+20digitunlockcode+7# using the dialer. On the dialer, the pw and + symbols can be found by keying the. key twice for the + symbol, three times for 'p' and four times for 'w'. Type in your NUC code using the keypad. Your device is already unlocked.

Here, you will find that when a locked phone is purchased by you it is restricted in the following ways. The mobile manufacturers block it by country code or by the particular network provider or thirdly by the mobile identification number of region specific area within a country.

Usually, mobile manufacturers sell phones to customers at a discount and other special offers with a market oriented approach. They do this with or without the knowledge of customers and the discounts and offers offered to them is due to contract terms they enter with a carrier whereby they would use services of only the chosen carrier for a specific period of time. This means that customers are not allowed to switch to another carrier during this period. The mobile manufacturers thereby gain by getting into contract with the specific carrier for such periods that cover up the costs of discounts and other offers they have made to you while purchasing the mobile.


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SIM Network Unlock Pin T-Mobile – How to unlock T-Mobile Phone via T-Mobile Device Unlock app

Boost Mobile Sim Network Unlock Pin

Usually, when your phone requests a pin it may of three different types. You need to identify and differentiate between these three pins as they all seem quite the same yet not quite so after all. These three kinds of pins are the Screen Unlock Pin, the SIM card Pin and the third is the Network Pin. Once you get to know as to which type of Pin your phone is requesting then you may be able to identify the one that you wish to change or unlock.

If you have decided to unlock pin of your Boost Mobile carrier so as to switch to another carrier during your trip abroad then you would need sim network unlock so as to reduce your charges and avoid exorbitant roaming charges of your domestic carrier. When you, for instance, unlock Samsung phone then you may insert a new sim belonging to a carrier of that particular company and start using your mobile at no extra charges.

However, you need to have an unlock code so as to unlock your mobile and this may not be received from your manufacturers as they are always have bias towards your earlier carrier. Under no circumstances would they allow this as they had made a contract with their carriers(Boost Mobile in our case) to which you too are binding.

Network Unlock Code For Samsung

This makes your newly bought phone specific to Boost Mobile and no other carriers. This is what is called locked mobile phone for any other network especially when you are in a foreign country. It is also implied that when you want to use your device in another country then you inevitably have to use roaming facility of your Boost carrier. Naturally, this is quite an expensive option for most travelers and they can reduce this cost drastically if they network unlock their phone with that of the country specific carrier.

There are few pre-conditions to get your sim network unlock pin from Boost Mobile and you can find on Boost Mobile forum.

Anyway, if you do not meet conditions you can come back to our website and you can get your Sim Network Unlock Pin, absolutely free through a unique method.

MetroPCS SIM Network Unlock Pin

If you are a MetroPCS customer then you may be able to network unlock your phone rather easily. This means that with MetroPCS network you are able to pre-install the App needed to unlock your device without much of hassles. The MetroPCS is a great boon to those having smart phone or other android sim as much as that you actually do not need to do anything technical or complicated with your phone.

You only need to send out a message of request to MetroPCS. You only need to give the information of your phone that need to be unlocked and then the service of the device unlocking App service. The whole process is done in an automatic way and you may simply sit relaxed as this gets done.

Now it is the turn of the app service to follow up and you will be sent an email about it. The email will appear on the screen indicating that your device IME number has been registered with MetroPCS and the same has been unlocked on their server.

Your next step is to insert a new sim card on your device. You must make sure that this new sim is not from the same MetroPCS, but from another carrier. After doing so you will have to wait for a few minutes and on the display a message will be shown that your unlock code has been approved and that your mobile is currently unlocked permanently.

Sim Network Unlock PIN Cricket

Other than iPhones if you have other Android or smart phone devices then you may open an account with Cricket website so as to change your SIM card whenever you are traveling abroad. Since traveling is fun and thrilling, yet it may prove to be rather costly on your pockets. Hence, it is better to save whenever opportunities presents itself. One such way is your use of SIM as it can cut down your cost.

The site offers great a great option when you travel abroad from US. For instance, you may easily make use of their temporary Cricket SIM card and when you have finished your journey you may again switch back to your old carrier with ease.

But there is a condition and that the phone must be compatible with the cricket SIM. This is because all phones do not have the same technology and therefore they may not run well with any sim card. Therefore you need to confirm this before purchasing your mobile device from a manufacturer. You are easily able to collect this information from the internet so that you may choose the best mobile before you set forth for your journey abroad.

If you plan well you not only cut down your call costs also able to travel without greater ease.

There are few pre-conditions to opening an account with Cricket site. You must first of all have a phone that is compatible to Cricket network and also locked to the network. Again, you must have already have taken a service contract of 6 months minimum with Cricket. Lastly, but not the least, is that your phone has been active all along and has not been stolen or suspended for any kind of frauds.

When you have fulfilled these conditions then you may then sign to My Account on their website. You then need to click on ‘Get Code’ after which you need to follow the prompts as and when they appear on the screen. After this you will get your unlock code from the site.

After receiving the code you need to turn off your mobile and then remove the SIM card. You then insert another new sim card which ought to be from another carrier. Carefully follow the prompts and then enter your unlock code given by Cricket site. You then need to restart your phone and your new SIM is ready for use.

SIM Unlock Code AT&T

The AT&T network has no particular restrictions for mobile owners that aren’t its customers. This means there is an easy way to request as long as your mobile phones have the required eligibility. In other words, you needn’t even have a connection with AT&T. If you request for changing your network lock then you may get the answer with this network with a step or more.

In order to get their service mode, you may need to take the following steps. For unlocking an AT&T phone or tablet or any other devices you may fist of all make sure that your device has been active for at least 60 days. This is especially so when you have bought the device for an installment or an agreement to pay within a certain term.

The next important thing is to make sure that your device has no payment due or any other dues. In fact, your phone must have completed its contract and that it is not a stolen object or that it has been involved in any kind of fraudulent act.

With the above having been cleared you may begin to unlock pin for your Samsung galaxy or any other devices. You need to navigate to att.com for receiving network unlock code. For this you may press the menu button and select unlock your device. Soon after you need to browse and agree with their eligibility requirements. This done, you need to complete a format duly filled.

You may receive email as to whether your request has been accepted. This may take a maximum of two working days. Whey you get a positive response then you also get steps to unlock your device. After this you need to insert a new sim card from another carrier.

If on the other hand your request has been negative then you may ask to check up your status all over again or get a PDF download of the instructions.

Sim Network Unlock Pin Verizon

Just like other networks devices bought from Verizon may need to be unlocked before they are able to operate with ease especially during your foreign tours. However, there is an advantage here and that is Verizon has both locked and unlocked phones in the market. This would mean that you first of all need to make sure that your phone is locked or not. This is mainly due to an agreement it has with the US government.

Another reason is that Verizon doesn’t require the use of SIM card for voice and 3G data. It is only when you have a 4G phone that the SIM is mandatory and this is mostly seen to be locked. Hence, you need to have network unlock option and for this you ought to get a network unlock code.

Although some phones are unlocked when you purchase Verizon phones, others may be quite locked too. Further, a Verizon device may be unlocked yet this doesn’t mean that it will be all right with some other mobile like AT&T, T-mobiles and others. Hence, you need to have some idea as to whether your phone is locked or not. Then you may need to fulfill certain requirements of Verizon.

These requirements are almost the same as that of other networks, but may not be limited to these. Generally, you may need to clear all outstanding payments and have to be active for at least a few months. Apart from these the device shouldn’t have any involvement with fraud.

When you clean their requirements you may receive their code via email. By following the general steps or instruction you may easily unlock the phone with a new sim belonging to a different carrier.

Sim Network Unlock PIN Sprint

With Sprint network too you don’t stay locked with your phone as they too have policies that you may take advantage of. Here too you may need to pass their eligibility requirements that you often find for phones on any network. The idea is to keep the customer locked and secured over their network so that they may be able to capitalize over it by entering into contract with carriers.

You cannot blame them as has already been discussed above. You may have already seen that this is the main reason why they have been generous while selling new phones with discounts and other offers. Hence, while sending your request for network unlock or sim unlock of android sim, you need to note the following points.

Firstly, your phone needs to have utilized the service of Sprint network for not less than 50 days. Second, you must have paid off all dues in particular to the lease agreement ones. Third, you may again check up with your sprint network through their customer care as to whether you still have any balance to be paid. Also, make sure to declare whether your phone is stolen or not or whether it has been used in any fraudulent transaction.

For fulfillment of the above requirements you may be asked to fill up a form where you give your full name and your account number. The next is to disclose your account password and then the last four digits of your social security number. You are also required to furnish your phone’s IME and MEID numbers too.

After having done so you may get an email where the details of your sim pin code is given. After you enter this you may reboot your phone and find that the service mode has changed and that you may insert another SIM of another carrier. In other words, your network lock has opened.

Sim Network Unlock PIN EE

Just like in above cases you must first of all check up whether your EE network phone is locked or automatically unlocked. Here too you will be able to receive the unlock pin but before that you must have to perform certain conditions. It is true, that some devices have an automated system within them that unlocks the phones after a certain period of use.

For example you will find that iPhone that are sold through EE are often seen to unlock after a period of 18 months. It is obvious that you may have paid out your installment money as well as any other dues within the said period. In the case of Pixel phones they automatically unlock after around 2 years.

In all such cases you often get some kind of confirmation that your phone is now unlocked. However, when you still find that your phone is still locked then you may contact EE network to open it.

You may either apply with EE form so as to unlock pin or you may dial their customer care number and wait for instructions to that end. But before that you must be actively using your device for at least 6 months on EE. You must also need to have paid all the dues and bills of EE. You may also need to pay a certain fee on contract phones. The phones whose contract has expired will get their sim pin free.

Sim Network Unlock PIN O2

The sim network unlock PIN 02 has some rules but may not be stringent considering some other carriers. It is outright in its rules and regulations and this means that you needn’t have to prepare for unlocking your phone or tablet. In fact, if you are going steady with your monthly payment plan then there are no hassles to unlock your device. You may request your 02 carrier and they will do it free of cost.

You will be able to unlock your phone when you make use of O2 online straightaway. If on the other hand you wish another way then you may go to the main menu of MY O2 app. Once your request is through then you will need to wait for a day or two and soon enough an email will be received by you. In some cases this is even faster and may take a few hours only.

When you receive your email you will notice that a pin code or network unlock code has been sent to you for your device. You now need to enter this and then insert your new sim of a different carrier and then reboot your mobile or tablet.

You must also note that in the case of iPhone or iPad this may be quite different. If you are in possession of an iPhone or iPad then you may need to connect it with iTunes. This is only after you have inserted another carrier sim card and not that of 02. When you have connected with iTunes then it will convey a message that your phone or device is unlocked.

Sim Network Unlock PIN Vodafone

Many customers have tried the direct route of opening their device when they want them to do so urgently. Naturally, the direct route is to contact Vodafone directly. It should be borne in mind that carriers do help when they have no other option as retaining customers with them is the only way they may increase their revenue. Hence, they do their best to scrutinize you thoroughly before allowing you to go to another carrier.

In the case of Vodafone the direct method of contacting Vodafone is all right yet your application may take anywhere between a couple of days to 10 days or even more. Again, there is no guarantee as to whether Vodafone office will not bring new issues relating to payment and dues or anything else. In fact, your application may be rejected even on flimsy grounds.

The other method is to request network unlock code with sites that are authentic to do so. But first of all check whether your phone is locked or not otherwise it will be simply a waist of time. As you probably know a lot of phones are automatically unlocked after a specific period of time.

You should know it by simply inserting another sim of another carrier. If the device is locked then the sim will be of no use.


You may therefore take another route and this is by unlocking your device by entering the IMEI code of your phone on some authentic sites. You will usually receive Vodafone unlock code within 48 hours and with this you may easily sim unlock your phone.

You may receive the same help with iPhone on their official website and follow their instructions. In such cases you will also be asked to pay out your dues till date.

If cannot find any solution to unlock your device, you may find our website quite simple and easy to unlock any phone that you may possess.

Our professional team would extend their 24 X 7 support so that you wouldn’t face any problems.

You will get SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN, absolutely free, through a unique method.

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