Voloco Auto Tune Harmony Cracked

Voloco features over 50 effects grouped into 12 preset packs. Starter: Two flavors of auto vocal tune, a rich harmony preset, a monster vocoder, and a clean preset for noise reduction only. LOL: Funny effects including vibrato, drunk tune, and vocal fry. Spooky: Aliens, demons, ghosts, and more. Talkbox: Classic and future electro-funk sounds.

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Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony is a neat voice-processing application that helps you record audio and combine automatic tuning and vocoding.
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The application allows you to pick a song from the phone or tablet’s library to sing along to and Voloco will automatically guess the key of the song and pitch correct the voice to the key. Voloco can also be used for recording audio files and videos of yourself singing. You can share audios and videos to social networks like Facebook or Instagram. The app comes with four effect presets, including big chorus which is a seven-voice harmonization effects and hard tune, which is the famous AutoTune sound. Voloco also has a gentle auto tune effect preset and the SuperVocoder preset is basically a pitched-down monster vocoder. The app comprises recordings as AAC in an MP4 file so they can be easily shared.


  • Voice-processing tools for combining tuning and vocoding
  • Record audio files and videos inside the app
  • Add various effects to recordings
  • Share files to social networks, like Facebook and Instagram

What's new in Voloco APK 6.1.0:

How to use voloco on pc
  • We upgraded audio quality, created new presets for compression/EQ/reverb, and greatly enhanced the mixing experience.

For more information on downloading Voloco to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other Voloco APK versions (23):

Voloco Auto Tune Pc

  • Voloco 6.7.22021-07-07
  • Voloco 6.7.02021-06-03
  • Voloco 6.6.22021-05-06
  • Voloco 6.5.12021-03-26
  • Voloco 6.4.02021-02-23
  • Voloco 6.3.22021-01-12
  • Voloco 6.3.12020-12-23
  • Voloco 6.2.02020-10-29
  • Voloco 6.1.12020-10-06
  • Voloco 6.0.22020-07-30
  • Voloco 5.4.22020-05-01
  • Voloco 5.4.12020-04-29
  • Voloco 5.3.12020-03-10
  • Voloco 5.2.22020-02-03
  • Voloco 5.2.02020-01-31
  • Voloco 5.1.12020-01-07
  • Voloco 5.0.22019-11-12
  • Voloco 4.02019-07-03
  • Voloco 3.2.22019-04-03
  • Voloco 3.2.12019-02-18
  • Voloco 3.12018-10-16
  • Voloco 3.0.22018-10-04
  • Voloco 1.7.82016-11-05
New in Voloco 6.1.0:
  • We upgraded audio quality, created new presets for compression/EQ/reverb, and greatly enhanced the mixing experience.

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Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony
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arm, arm64, x86, x86_64
API Minimum:
21 - Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
API Target:
29 - Android 10
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