Vray 3dma

So I'm doing an animation of a bar being constructed in a room. These are 3 adjacent frames with messed up GI. Rendering any of these frames in single frame mode looks 100% correct. When I follow guides on rendering animations with Vray, it's recommended to use the irradiance map for primary bounces, and light cache for secondary. The irradiance maps are calculated first (in prepass mode) and then blended in the final pass to reduce flickering of the shadows due to random light bounces. It seems that the calculations in my irradiance maps differ so heavily from frame to frame that using this method causes some serious artifacts in the GI.

I have cranked the settings on my GI to ridiculous amounts and still found this to be a problem. I know one solution is to use brute force instead of irradiance maps, but brute force will increase my render times to ridiculous extents (over 4 hours per frame for a 24fps render...) if I want to keep my realistic(ish) look.

It's a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone else has stumbled across this problem before, or if someone with better google-fu can help find a solution. I've been all over the net and tried tons of solutions, but it seems like most irradiance map complaints are centered around low quality blotchiness. My blotches look more like blatant miscalculations, as they're so defined.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

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