Vsdc Download For Mac

Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions. VSDC is one of the most popular freeware software among beginners and intermediate-level video editors.

But it is limited only to Windows users. Even after multiple requests from the users and tech-critics, VSDC isn’t likely to release a VSDC Mac version soon. So, it is best to look for VSDC alternatives for Mac.

Scroll down to find the best alternatives to VSDC for a Mac. Although not completely free, Wondershare Filmora for Mac is one of the most suitable video-editing applications for Mac users.

  • Not only is it superior to the VSDC, but it is also considered one of the most powerful utilities in the video-editing realm by critics and users.
  • Starting with the simple interface that includes an array of features to distinguish as a sophisticated video editing tool for Mac.
  • The regular addition of new features like Auto Reframe to smartly crop your video and integration of the cloud-based stock library are what make this software powerful and superior.
  • Plus, you can choose the presets and edit up to 4K videos at 60fps.
  • The drag-and-drop feature allows you to add media files, and the preview section lets you see the edited video in real-time.
  • The timeline is simple yet powerful, and the customizable settings allow you to use the combination of mouse, keyboard, and icons controls and make the video-editing process seamless.

So, it is not tough to discern why Filmora is considered as one of the most authoritative video-editing tool for Mac users. Moreover, as mentioned, the software is not absolutely free. Still, you can use most of its features in free version. After reviewing hundreds of freeware software, we have come up with the three best VSDC alternatives.

A simple, free, and open-source software that makes the video-making process straightforward. Filled with interesting ideas and powerful features, the greatest thing about ShotCut is that besides being free — it is regularly updated and maintained by the vendor.

The interface has a three-panel view and adding media files is as simple as dragging and dropping. The software also includes rich features like keyframing, color correction, transition and lets you edit up to 4K resolution video with ease.

But unlike VSDC, ShotCut does not have multiple preset transition effects and includes only 24 basic wipe-in or out effects. Still, the software has sophisticated features like Chroma Key and allows you to utilize third-party addons for text and titles as the application does not have many of them.

Lightweight for a sophisticated video-editor.

  • The interface is simple and convenient and allows you to customize the toggles as per your preference.
  • Numerous output options — supports major formats and offers you to export the footage in any format.
  • Completely free platforms plus cross-platform support. The app does not allow you to create layers automatically.
  • It could be tough for a newbie to work on ShotCut. The application takes too long to show the applied effects; even simple transition effects suffer from latency.
  • Another free and open-source program, OpenShot, has the ability to give you high-quality output with minimal effort.
  • The software includes all the basic functions like resizing, scaling, trimming, and audio mixing with real-time previews.
  • Plus, it also incorporates features for animated-based keyframing and creating 2D animation with image sequencing.

Moreover, like the VSDC, there are also presets to give 3D effects like snowfall, text, and lens flares, and other effects to the video.

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