Vsdc Editor De Video Download

Are you looking for a powerful, user-friendly program to put a video together?
Then VSDC Free Video Editor is what you need.
This free multimedia suite brings a set of tools for editing video, improving audio, recording voice overs, capturing desktop screen, and more.
We’re proud to have over 5 million happy users worldwide and help creators on a budget visualize their ideas.

Here are the reasons why they chose VSDC Free Video Editor over similar solutions:. All the popular video/audio formats and codecs supported.

Powerful Chroma Key tool to remove green background.

A large set of trendy video effects, filters, and transitions. Essential tools like zoom, charts, 360 video editing, and color correction. Convenient export profiles that make saving videos for various devices a snap. Lowest system requirements possible – VSDC works even on outdated PCs!

As a non-linear program, VSDC allows for producing professional-level videos where multiple layers of footage can be blended into a single composition.

Non-linear also means that video files and images do not necessarily have to follow a linear (direct) sequence – they can appear in various positions in the scene synchronously with other objects, and at any point in time.

As a result, you can easily apply a picture-in-picture effect, a split-screen effect, make objects change their appearance or position over time during the playback. Hardware acceleration, multi-color Chroma Key, adjustable parameters settings and enhanced resolution make VSDC a real time and effort saving tool allowing for creating large size HD videos in a few minutes instead of hours.

Experienced users can benefit from VSDC Pro, the advanced version of VSDC Free Video Editor.

It brings a set of pro-level video editing tools and allows for faster processing. For instance, VSDC Pro users are able to:. Use motion tracking: apply any object’s movement trajectory to a text title, a mask, or an image.

Sync video effects to the beat: connect any video effect parameters to the sound volume and frequency.

Work with audio waveform: use a convenient sound graph to edit tracks more precisely. Make use of video masking: apply clipping mask, inverted mask, create censorship, and more. Stabilize shaky footage: fix jittering videos recorded on the go without special equipment.

Record real-time voiceovers: add voice commentaries to your video right during the playback.

Apply multi-color Chroma Key: isolate and remove any background color (not just green). Want to see what VSDC is capable of?

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The video editor features a desktop video capture utility that saves captured footage to a video file for subsequent processing in the editor.

Video capturing (to be included in the next program release)

Another feature of the video editor is the ability to capture video from various video tuners, webcams, IP сameras and save the captured footage on your computer in an arbitrary format for subsequent editing.

Video library (to be included in the next program release)

The video editor lets you create your own library of multimedia files with brief or detailed descriptions. This will help you organize your video collection and simplify access to the necessary files.

What's New:

  • Device selection option added to the project settings window.
  • Cropping settings have been significantly expanded and included to the "Transforms" category as a standalone effect.
  • 'Skip frames' option added to the player with a choice what particular frames to omit in order to speed up the preview.
  • The app properties can now be saved as a file and imported/exported for future use when needed.
  • The drag&drop options enhanced and expanded and can be applied to any part of the interface: scene, timeline, or resource window.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes:
    • More precise subpixelness reached for the Zoom and Rotate effects;
    • Rotation angle errors on applying the Movement tool fixed;
    • Overlapping objects on the timeline after certain operations prevented;
    • Conversion of transparent videos into GIF improved;
    • Saving the font default parameters restored.

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