Vsdc Free Video Editor Manual

When we talk about VSDC, we like to describe it as a professional-level video editing software. Partly because of the non-linear video editing technique it allows for using, and partly because of its mighty feature-set (have you checked our color correction tools yet? On the other hand, before you jump into exploring all these fancy video editing tricks, you’ll need to get familiar with the basics. Especially if you’ve never worked with a non-linear video editor before. And that’s exactly what we’ll cover below. We’ll show you how to perform the most essential basic actions in VSDC: cutting, cropping, rotating, and more. So, prepare yourself a large mug of coffee (or whatever helps you stay focused), sit back, and launch VSDC on your PC to practice new skills right away. By the way, we encourage you to always make sure you’ve installed the latest version of VSDC from our official website.
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