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Download free VST plugins developed by 99Sounds.

Find more free VST plugins at Bedroom Producers Blog. Compatibility: Our virtual instruments are compatible with all VST and AU plugin host applications on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and macOS.

Keep in mind that macOS Catalina is NOT supported at the moment. Installation: On Windows, extract the downloaded archive to your VST plugins folder (the one which is scanned by your DAW). On macOS, extract the downloaded archive to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and restart your DAW.

Upright Piano is a freeware piano virtual instrument in VST/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

It is based on a set of piano samples recorded by Rudi Fiasco.

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Best Free Fuzz Pedal VST

The plugin features four sampled notes per octave and six dynamic layers per note. The user can adjust the attack and release time, tremolo intensity and speed, global volume, and key release volume, as well as the built-in low-pass filter and reverb effects.

Rudi Fiasco is an Italian pianist and audio engineer. Visit his website to download the free piano samples that were used to create Upright Piano. Drum Machine is a freeware drum rompler in VST/AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac OS X, featuring the drum sounds from our free 99 Drum Samples sample library.

The plugin was developed by our friends at SampleScience. This initial version comes with twelve free drum kits and will be expanded with more built-in drum samples and kits in future updates (which will also free).

The plugin features eight drum slots with support for stereo and multiple mono outputs.

  • Each drum channel comes with volume and pan controls, along with global pan/volume controls and an LFO for pitch modulation.
  • The Low and High knobs in the upper-right corner of the user interface control the MIDI velocity range.
  • The drop-down menu is used for browsing through the available drum kits.

Best Free Limiter VST

More kits will be added in forthcoming free updates. Clap Machine is a freeware VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac OS X, based on the natural hand clap samples from our free Hands Make Sounds sample library. The purpose of Clap Machine is to provide a quick and easy way to add natural sounding claps to your music.

You can use it to easily create rhythmic sequences or some natural sounding group claps (aka “gang” claps) by playing multiple notes at the same time. The plugin features four full octaves of clap sounds which I’ve recorded in different locations, with varying amounts of natural reverb that was captured while recording.

You can use the simple global AR volume envelope to control the softness and the tail of the claps.

  • If you don’t want any natural reverb, use shorter release times and either add some of the built-in reverb or use a third-party reverb plugin to process the signal.
  • beyerdynamic Virtual Studio size 3 MB / 12 MB beyerdynamic Virtual Studio is a room emulation / monitoring utility.

Best Free Saturation VST

It virtually simulates real speaker systems (such as stereo or 5.1) in .. LoopToGo size 22 MB LoopToGo is a looper capable of hosting VST3 plugins. Though it looks a bit like a DAW and have some similar functionalities, it’s not a DAW.

SN02-G VU Meter size 0.6 MB / 0.6 MB SN02-G VU Meter is a mono / stereo /mid-side VU meter VST plug-in that can save you from headaches and potential VU metering .. Room Reverb size 1.5 MB / 1.3 MB Room Reverb lets you add reverberation to your recordings in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Nowadays, people often record in very “dry” places, which ..

  • HZ Delay size 4 MB / 2 MB HZ Delay is a vintage analog delay. It is a character effect which means that it doesn’t do all things equally.
  • DReverb size 4 MB / 2 MB DReverb creates high quality algorithmic reverbs.

Best Free Phaser VST

A feature of this plugin, like other reverbs from Stone Voices, is a wide range of reverb times .. KranchDD size 11 MB / 16 MB KranchDD is a filter combined with different distortion algorithms.

kindza.net/ KranchDD ( 11 MB ) KranchDD.pkg ( 16 MB ) .. HY-Filter4 free size 9 MB / 10 MB / 21 MB / 12 MB HY-Filter4 free is a semi-modular filter effect plugin. You can modulate parameters of the main filter by using ..

Modul Nr 8 size 0.7 MB Modul Nr 8 is a dual LFO stereo chorus inspired by multiple Japanese stomp-boxes well known for their unique sound and approach to modulation.

  • ttm002 size 0.1 MB ttm002 is a digital synthesizer with a unique waveform synthesis engine and modulation mechanism.
  • ttm002 can generate arbitrary waveforms by adjusting the balance of four basic waveforms, and ..

Best Free Dynamic Processor VST

Get producing music straight away with free VST plug-ins and samples in KOMPLETE START, taken from our leading production suite, KOMPLETE. Get REAKTOR PLAYER, KONTAKT PLAYER, KOMPLETE KONTROL, free effects VST plug-ins, free synth plug-ins, and sampled instruments to use in your own productions, as much as you want.

Download over 2,000 sounds and more than 6 GB of content – drums and percussion, basses, acoustic instruments, synths, pads and atmospheres, and more – plus VST plug-in instruments, effects, and other free resources for music production. A selection of VST synths, complete with 500+ professionally-designed presets for any genre.

Nine pro-grade sample-based VST instruments – vintage synths, acoustic instruments, drums, and more.

  • A tube compressor and 13 versatile effects, great for guitars, drums, vocals, synths, or anything you like.

Final Thoughts

Find, play, and tweak all your sounds, instruments and effects from one powerful plug-in. Almost 1,500 loops and samples from our popular Expansions range, suitable for use in any DAW. A sample player that runs all NI KONTAKT instruments, and hundreds of instruments from other companies.

A powerful platform that runs all REAKTOR-based synths and effects from NI and other creators. VST, which stands for Virtual Studio Technology, is an innovative tool for music production and composition. This technology uses audio software plugins to create a range of musical instruments and effects that can be easily integrated into a digital audio workstation (DAW).

Using virtual instruments allows musicians and recording engineers to access sounds that otherwise might be difficult and expensive to obtain.

  • Utilizing free VST plugins can help enhance musical recordings without having to invest in additional instruments or software.
  • However, knowing how to properly use free VST tools is essential for effectively implementing these sounds into your musical projects.

Best Free Reverb VST

Since VST plugins emulate real-sounding instruments and effects, entire musical creations can be produced without touching a single physical instrument.

This makes VST plugins extremely useful for both amateur and professional recording artists and engineers. At Native Instruments, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to produce and create music with our easy-to-use free VST plugin package KOMPLETE START.

The KOMPLETE START bundle includes unlimited access to a range of free VST instruments, synths, effects, loops, and samples, as well as REAKTOR PLAYER, KONTAKT PLAYER, and KOMPLETE KONTROL to start you on your music producing journey.

  • There are two main categories of free VST plugins: instruments and effects.
  • VST instrument plugins produce new audio that mimics the sound of real instruments such as a guitar or piano, while VST effect plugins modify existing audio to create unique sounds instead of creating new audio.
  • There’s no limit to the number of times that you can use these free vst instruments plugins, so you can experiment with different sounds and techniques to find what works best for you.

Best Free Glitch VST

Chaining multiple VST plugins together is a typical way to start crafting a sound you can call your own. Feeding a VST plugin instrument into a VST plugin effect will alter them even further. This method is commonly used in digital productions, since many recording tools come in VST plugin formats.

And you’ll have no issues running multiple VST plugins at once – simply load them in and start playing. With over 2,000 sounds and 6 GB of content, Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE START offers one of the best free VST plugin bundles on the market.

With our free VST plugin download, you can gain access to some of the best free VST instruments available.

  • Whether you’re looking to add acoustic instruments or electronic sounds to your musical productions, Native Instruments offers a wide range of some of the best VST instruments for free.
  • With the KOMPLETE START free bundle, you’ll have access to a large selection of drums and percussion, basses, acoustic instruments, synths, pads, and more – plus boutique effects, VST plug-in instruments like our electric piano VST, and other free resources for music production.

Best Free Frequency Analyzer VST

Free synth VST plugins make it easy to add unique sounds to your musical masterpiece. The seven different synthesizers included in our free VST plugin bundle will load in KOMPLETE KONTROL or the REAKTOR 6 PLAYER, and each one is designed to produce a unique sound—from deep bass to atmospheric synthesizer sounds.

The KOMPLETE START bundle also includes a range of sampled instruments. Our free VST instrument selection includes streamlined versions of popular VST plugins such as ANALOG DREAMS, ETHEREAL EARTH and HYBRID KEYS.

Our free piano VST plugin includes electric piano, grand piano, vintage organs, and more.

  • From the rich, classical tones of the grand piano to the funkified sounds of an electric keyboard, you can find an excellent range of piano VST plugins using our free download.
  • Our selection of sampled instruments also includes free VST instruments from around the world, as well as a curated collection of expansions, with over 1000 loops and samples to provide a diverse range of sounds.

Best Free Delay and Echo VST

All of our sampled instruments run on our free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER software, which also runs pro-grade instruments from other developers. Effects are typically chained after instruments, or applied to existing audio tracks and busses, such as vocals, guitars, and drums. Our free VST plugin bundle also includes compression and guitar amp simulation.

Our free SUPERCHARGER compressor effect is based on our full version and is a tube compressor designed for versatility with a single-knob design for easy control.

  • GUITAR RIG 6 PLAYER is a free guitar amp VST plugin that includes 13 different effects and 50 unique presets.
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