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Updated: February 2, 2016Freeware

VST audio plugin that helps you achieve clean sound output results using a linear-phase FIR filter, 61 frequency bands, parametric EQ mode, and sampling rate options

LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 is an audio plugin developed specifically for helping you boost the sound and obtain clean output results by making several adjustments to the master gain and bandwidth parameters. A VST host like energyXT or VSTHost needs to be present on the target computer in order to make use of the audio plugin’s capabilities.

Clean design

LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 sports a straightforward layout that makes it easy for you to tweak the audio parameters. An HTML help manual is included in the package and provides only some succinct descriptions about the audio setup options. You need to experiment a little bit with the configuration settings in order to get an idea about how to make the most out of the plugin’s features.

Audio tweaking parameters

The audio plugin offers you the possibility to tweak the sound with the aid of a linear-phase FIR filter, 61 frequency bands, parametric EQ mode, sampling rate options (44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k), as well as 64-bit float internal precision.

A graph is implemented in the main window for helping you perform frequency adjustments by simply dragging the mouse. The frequency and gain amount is revealed at the bottom of the graph while you make the changes.

Other important audio configuration settings worth being mentioned enable you to tweak the stereo output (mono to stereo, stereo to stereo), configure the master gain output level, tweak the bandwidth, set all gain controls to 0dB, as well as switch the range of gain (-12 to +12, -96 to +12dB, or -24 to +24dB).

Tests have pointed out that LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 carries out tasks pretty quickly. It provides very good output results. It is not a resource hog so you may keep it running in the background without having to worry that it affects the overall performance of the PC.

Final ideas

To sum things up, LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 comes bundled with several handy audio tools for helping you keep clean sounds, and can be tweaked by less experienced users and professionals alike.

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LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 was reviewed by Ana MarculescuVst
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LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 2.1.5

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Fruity Parametric EQ 2 is an advanced 7-Band parametric equalizer plugin with spectral analysis. Equalizing is the process of increasing or decreasing the loudness of specific frequencies. The Band type(shape), center frequency and width of each Band are fully adjustable. You can choose from: High Shelf, Low Shelf, Peaking, Band Pass, Notch, Low Pass, High Pass or Band Pass filters for each Bandindependently. There is also a global gain slider to adjust the overall volume.

When to use: Parametric EQ 2 is a good choice whenever precise control over EQ is required (e.g. Mastering and controlling or enhancing specific frequencies at an instrument level). Alternatively, if screen space is tight use Fruity Parametric EQ, or for a graphic EQ, try EQUO. NOTE: If you require even more precise control over EQ you can click and drag on the plugin window to resize Parametric EQ2 or use the off-line Equalize Tool in Edison provides the greatest precision of allthe EQ plugins.


Fruity Parametric Eq2

Jun 08, 2019 The FL Studio Parametric EQ 2 Skin Bundle includes 5 beautiful skins with each skin have their dedicated spectrum and also included 3 Bonus Spectrums which give your Parametric EQ 2 Skin a so called Light Saber Effect. You can use these skins or manipulate skins. Feb 28, 2020 Fruity Parametric EQ 2 I recall desperately searching for a freeware equalizer with a built-in spectrum equalizer for days back in 2009 or 2010. I checked all the audio related websites and asked around on various forums, but there were simply no such plugins available in the freeware world back in the day. Not a single plugin!

  1. Band Type & Filter Slope Selectors - Note that the upper section shows different shapes (Band Type) with dots below each shape (Filter Slope).
    • Band Type - Left-click and drag up/down to change the filter type between OFF and:
      • Low Pass - Filters high frequencies starting around the cutoff.
      • Band Pass - Allows a narrow band to pass either side of the cutoff.
      • High Pass - Filters low frequencies starting at the cutoff.
      • Notch - Cuts frequencies around the cutoff
      • Low Shelf - Similar to a bass EQ.
      • Peaking - The default, affects only frequencies around the cutoff.
      • High Shelf - Like a treble EQ.
    • Filter Slope - Left-click and drag up/down on the dot/s below each band shape to select filter slope:
      • Drag Down - Steep 4 (-24 dB/Oct), Steep 6 (-36 dB/Oct)& Steep 8 (-48 dB/Oct).
      • Center - 2 (-12 dB/Oct).
      • Drag Up - Gentle 4 (-24 dB/Oct), Gentle 6 (-36 dB/Oct) & Gentle 8 (-48 dB/Oct).

      Steep and Gentle filters have the same slope but differ around the cutoff frequency. Gentle filters have a more gradual acceleration into the main slope, and so filter more leading into the cutoff frequency compared to the Steep type. Gentle varies between -6 dB (Gentle 4) and -12 dB (Gentle 8) at the cutoff while Steep is always around -3 dB at the cutoff.

    NOTE: The Band Tokens can also be Right-clicked to show menus for Filter Type, Order (slope type) and Key (note frequencies).

  2. EQ Sliders - Adjust the equalization level by sliding up/down. The Band Tokens can also be directly clicked & dragged. Note that Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Notch filters don't use thisparameter (so the slider is disabled).
  3. FREQ / BW - Controls the center frequency and bandwidth of the EQ Band.
  4. Band Token - Most Band EQ manipulations can be made by clicking on a Band Token and dragging with the mouse. Mouse wheel controls band-width.
    • Bandwidth - Several methods. 1. Shift+Click and move mouse left/right on Bands; 2. Click the mouse-wheel and do the same, OR 3. Scrollthe mouse-wheel while hovering over the token.
    • Reset Band - Alt+Click a Band to reset a Band.
    • Fine Adjustment - Ctrl+Click a Band to make fine adjustments (same for all knobs and sliders).
    • Main Level - Left-click outside the Bands to adjust the main level control (the cursor will change from pointer to a cross).
    • Filter Type, Order & Key - Right-click on the token to open a menu of Type (Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Band Cut, Low Shelf, Peaking and High Shelf), Order / (slope = 12 to 48 dB/Octave) and Key that center the frequency band of the Token to the fundamental frequency of the selected note.
  5. Options and Settings - From left to right:
    • Options:
      • Lock spare state - Prevents the comparison temporary save state from being overwritten.
      • High precision monitor - Increases the resolution of the background frequency spectrum monitoring at the expense of display latency (plugin audio latency remains unaffected).
      • Legacy monitor - Switches to the frequency-spectrograph algorithm used prior to FL Studio 12. The 'legacy' algorithm tends to blur the lowest frequency bands, but has the advantage it can be easier to identify the center frequency of these low frequency bands.
      • About - Shows version details and credits.
    • HQ - Uses oversampling to improve audio quality, particularly in the region above 15 kHz. NOTE: HQ mode increases CPU load and the resampling associated with this process will cause inter-sample peaks, increasing the output peak levels.
    • View Band tokens - Turns the tokens ON/OFF.
    • Monitor - Turns the spectral monitoring ON/OFF or shows the spectrum of the plugin output.
    • Compare - Click the first down-arrow to save the current EQ settings to a spare bank. Click the up/down arrow control to swap between the saved bank and the main bank. Tweaking any parameter in the spare bank will cause it to become the main bank again. Use this to compare EQ settings. Note that the comparison bank is saved along with the main bank, so keep this in mind if you are creating presets.

Fruity Parametric Eq2


Fruity Parametric 2 Free Download

Disabled Bands - When the filter type is set to 'off', peaking/shelf Bands that are not amplified will not use CPU resources.

Need more Bands? - You can stack more than one instance of Parametric EQ 2 in a Mixer track to gain more EQ channels - two instances provide 14 Bands of Parametric EQ!

Plugin Credits

Fruity Parametric Eq 2 Vst Download Full

Code & GUI: Didier Dambrin.

Fruity Parametric Eq 2 Free Download

Vst Plugin Fruity Parametric Eq 2 Download Free Full

Thanks to: Robert Bristow-Johnson for his EQ Cookbook.

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