What Is Windows Version 6.1.7601

Each Microsoft Windows operating system has a familiar name, like Windows 11 or Windows Vista, but behind each common name is an actual Windows version number1. You can determine your Windows version a number of ways if you want to check which build number you're currently running. Below is a list of major Windows versions and their associated version numbers:. To update Windows to the newest build number, use Windows Update.

The built-in Windows Update utility is the easiest way to check for and install Windows updates. If you haven't set up your version of Windows to install updates automatically, you can change the Windows Update settings so that new updates are downloaded and applied automatically.

It's the simplest way to keep Windows updated to the latest version number.

Guide to Windows version numbers and major Windows builds

Microsoft introduced several changes to the Windows operating system with Windows 10. These are some of the most significant differences between Windows 10 and Windows 8 (and older versions of Windows):. Cortana comes built-in to Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is pre-installed as a replacement browser for Internet Explorer.

Operating SystemVersion Number
Windows 95 OEM Service Release 1 (95A)4.00.950
Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 (95B)4.00.1111
Windows 95 OEM Service Release
Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2.5 C4.03.1214
Windows 984.10.1998
Windows 98 Second Edition (SE)4.10.2222 A
Windows Millenium Beta4.90.2476
Windows Millenium4.90.3000
Windows NT
Windows NT
Windows NT 3.513.51.1057
Windows NT
Windows NT 5.00 (Beta 2)5.00.1515
Windows 2000 (Beta 3)5.00.2031
Windows 2000 (Beta 3 RC2)5.00.2128
Windows 2000 (Beta 3)5.00.2183
Windows 20005.00.2195
Whistler Server Preview2250
Whistler Server alpha2257
Whistler Server interim release2267
Whistler Server interim release2410
Windows XP (RC 1)5.1.2505
Windows XP5.1.2600
Windows XP, Service Pack 15.1.2600.1105-1106
Windows XP, Service Pack 25.1.2600.2180
Windows XP, Service Pack 35.1.2600
Windows .NET Server interim5.2.3541
Windows .NET Server Beta 35.2.3590
Windows .NET Server Release Candidate 15.2.3660
Windows .NET Server 2003 RC25.2.3718
Windows Server 2003 (Beta?)5.2.3763
Windows Server 20035.2.3790
Windows Server 2003, Service Pack 15.2.3790.1180
Windows Server 20035.2.3790.1218
Windows Home Server5.2.3790
Windows Longhorn6.0.5048
Windows Vista, Beta 16.0.5112
Windows Vista, Community Technology Preview6.0.5219
Windows Vista, TAP Preview6.0.5259
Windows Vista, CTP6.0.5270
Windows Vista, CTP6.0.5308
Windows Vista, CTP (Refresh)6.0.5342
Windows Vista, April EWD6.0.5365
Windows Vista, Beta 2 Preview6.0.5381
Windows Vista, Beta 26.0.5384
Windows Vista, Pre-RC16.0.5456
Windows Vista, Pre-RC1, Build 54726.0.5472
Windows Vista, Pre-RC1, Build 55366.0.5536
Windows Vista, RC16.0.5600.16384
Windows Vista, Pre-RC26.0.5700
Windows Vista, Pre-RC2, Build 57286.0.5728
Windows Vista, RC26.0.5744.16384
Windows Vista, Pre-RTM, Build 58086.0.5808
Windows Vista, Pre-RTM, Build 58246.0.5824
Windows Vista, Pre-RTM, Build 58406.0.5840
Windows Vista, RTM6.0.6000.16386
Windows Vista6.0.6000
Windows Vista, Service Pack 26.0.6002
Windows Server 20086.0.6001
Windows 7, RTM6.1.7600.16385
Windows 76.1.7601
Windows Server 2008 R2, RTM6.1.7600.16385
Windows Server 2008 R2, SP16.1.7601
Windows Home Server 20116.1.8400
Windows Server 20126.2.9200
Windows 86.2.9200
Windows Phone 86.2.10211
Windows Server 2012 R26.3.9200
Windows 8.1, Update 16.3.9600
Windows 1010.0.10240
Windows Server 2012 R26.3.9600
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