Whatsapp Key File Location

WhatsApp is primarily a mobile app but it has had a Windows version for a little while now.

It looks and feels much like the mobile version and does all the things you would expect, just from your desktop. Today I’m going to show you how to get WhatsApp to open at startup in Windows 10. That way, you’re always contactable whatever device you use. Alongside the mobile and desktop apps there is also WhatsApp Web which allows you to use the chat app in your browser. There is also a Chrome extension to use it too. Anyone would think the company really wants you to use their product…. WhatsApp desktop works okay. It still requires you to link it with your phone and have your speakers switched on to play notifications but otherwise is pretty good.

I found that notifications were sometimes intermittent. I would receive a notification on my mobile app but not on the desktop.

Occasionally, it shuts itself down for no reason too.

Add WhatsApp to startup in Windows 10

Adding programs to Windows 10 startup

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