Windows 10 Transformation Pack 3.0

55,935 downloadsUpdated: January 12, 2018Freeware / Ad-supported . Support for Windows 78.110 RS2 & RS3 FALL CREATORS UPDATE 1709 [X86_X64]. Read the full changelog . Sometimes a little change can brighten up your day. The same can be said when you add a new customization pack to your computer. The ease of use and the perks brought forth by the Ubuntu Skin Pack makes this software a good choice for all users. After installing the software, your Windows UI looks completely transformed. The taskbar gets slimmed down and moved to the upper side of the screen, while the bottom edge of the desktop gets a dockbar with shortcuts to various areas of the system and programs.

Here, you can find links to My Computer, Paint, Windows Media Center, Notepad, Calculator and more. However, the position of the dock can be changed to whichever side of the screen you want by accessing the settings. Furthermore, you get new explorer buttons, new icons and wallpapers and a changed login screen and loading animation. Another feature that comes with Ubuntu Skin Pack is the ability to activate the “cube”, which means you can rotate your desktop as you would a cube. These virtual desktops allow you to run different apps on each side of the cube. Most features of this software can be customized, starting with the color theme, mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Furthermore, the app is based on a wide range of free programs.

  • For example, the software uses Rainmeter to display the computer’s performance, SmartFlip, Yodm3D and VirtuaWin to rotate and organize the virtual desktops.
  • However, while installing this software, make sure you keep an eye out for any third party apps it wants to install on your computer, such as browser toolbars.
  • In addition, it also tries to change your homepage and default search engine.
  • All in all, Ubuntu Skin Pack freshens up your Windows interface with some great looks.
  • All users should find something to like, especially since the app lets you customize most aspects.
  • Your system shouldn’t get slowed down too much when you add this skin pack, as its resources use is low.
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  • WindowsX has released Windows 10 UX Pack 3.0 and Windows 10 Transformation Pack 3.0, new builds for its Windows skinning tools.
  • Each tool allows users to emulate the forthcoming Windows 10 user interface on PCs running older versions of Windows from XP upwards, the difference being that the UX Pack is less radical and promises not to touch any system files, making it easier and safer to use.

Both UX Pack and Transformation Pack add a choice to the installer that makes the Cortana-like search bar introduced in version 2 optional.

The search bar emulates the look of the forthcoming Microsoft Cortana-powered bar in Windows 10, and only works on machines running Windows Vista or later.

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