Windows 10 Zero Hour Fix

Report problems with download to [email protected].

D3d8 Zero Hour Windows 10 Fix is a mod for Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour, created by Boxhead78. It’s a modified version of d3d8.dll file that fixes several crashes and problems the game has with windows 10.

Extract into game’s main folder.

Last update: Saturday, January 5, 2019.

Genre: Strategy. File size: 53.3 KB. see morePopular files for Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour.

This image does not reflect anything of the fix - it is just a filler so I could upload the fix - I own the rights to this image.

Like I stated above: Can't get it to work: Go to my profile and shoot me a message, I can't guarantee to fix it for you but at least I can help you check if you executed the steps properly.

I have no clue whether it will work on Windows 11.

If you have your system working on windows 11 and it works - please comment your result down below.

NOTE 1: You do need to have an extracting program like WinRar or 7Zip to unpack the .rar into a folder again.

If you are unsure if you have such a program, just download this file and rightclick it.

If it says extract here (or something similar), you are good to go.

NOTE 2: YES, this fix works for Rise of the Reds and Shockwave as well (all versions). NOTE 3: To clarify: The "two game files" are called game.dat & generals.

The latter of which is an .exe. The Updates are in a proprietary folder and the remaining file is called options (this is your options.ini I talked about).

  • I do not know if YOUR game (which can be zero hour, zero hour from first decade or origins collection) requires the full fix.
  • Rest assured you can try as the files are legitimate and do make the game work even if it was not necessary for you.
  • The most important thing is that you set up the .ini file properly as this file tells your game how to handle the resolution of your screen. Note 4: A lot of people think this fix is unnecessary because the .ini is automatically created.
  • I have found personally it is not because the game crashes at launch and the .ini is created after a succesful launch.
  • There for you can download it in this package anyway and set it up even if your game does not automatically make this file due to the launch crash.
  • Happy Conquering :).
  • Set Threaded optimization to ON.
  • Set Vertical sync to OFF.
  • Click apply and you can now close the control panel again.

Getting rid of junk files

A. Clearing PC from temporary files.

Those files don’t do anything, but they can take up a considerable amount of space and can slow down your PC even if you still have a lot of space on your storage device(s).

It’s especially helpful for those who have installed Windows for a few months and never really cleared junk from PC properly. You can alternatively use some utility programs such as CCleaner, but you still need to double-check whether all of those junk files are removed from your PC. How to do that:

• Press Win + R to open the run box -> type “prefetch” -> remove all junk (some files may not be deleted but it’s OK)

• Press Win + R -> type “%temp%” -> remove all junk (some files may not be deleted but it’s OK)

B. Run disk cleanup

Yet again there might be some programs that can do that for you, but if you don’t have one or you are not sure it removes the junk files – do the following

• Go to windows search and type “disk cleanup”

• Open the program

• Checkmark every file category that’s available and press OK

Maximization of power usage

• If you for some reason don’t want to use BHP, go to Power Option in Windows Control Panel and set it to High Performance. This will allow your CPU to use as much power as possible.

• Turn off C-states in BIOS*

  • This one is highly optional and I don’t recommend anyone doing that unless you know what you are doing! For example, for some motherboards, not all C-states need to be turned off. C-states are the mechanisms that your motherboard uses to save energy. When C-states are turned off, CPU cannot be bottlenecked by the lack of power input from your motherboard. Disabling of C-states works very well with the High-Performance power mode described above.

Game Shortcut

If you have the game shortcut on your desktop.

1. Right-click on it and press properties and the Compatibility tab.

2. Tick override high DPI scaling behavior. and choose Scaling performed by (Application) in the drop-down menu.

3. Tick Disable fullscreen optimizations.

4. And tick Run this program as an administrator.

How do I update my video card drivers?

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type “DxDiag” and click OK.
  • After the DirectX Diagnostic Tool loads, select the Display tab.
  • The video card’s name and manufacturer are listed in the Device section. The current driver version is listed in the Driver section.
  • Visit the driver manufacturer’s website to obtain the most up-to-date driver. Contact the driver manufacturer for assistance with updating the driver. If the computer is under warranty, contact the computer manufacturer.

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