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The edition configuration (EI.cfg) file and the product ID (PID.txt) file are optional configuration files that you can use to specify the Windows product key and the Windows edition during Windows installation. You can use these files to automate the product-key entry page in Windows Setup instead of using an answer file. If you use an EI.cfg file to differentiate volume license media, but you do not include a PID.txt file, the user receives a prompt for a product key to continue Windows Setup.

You can reuse the product key in the product ID file for multiple installations. The product key in the product ID file is only used to install Windows. This key is not used to activate Windows. For more information, see Work with Product Keys and Activation.

It is generated during OS installation and won't change unless you make another fresh OS install. Depending on the OS version it may contain the network adapter MAC address embedded (plus some other numbers, including random), or a pseudorandom number, the later for newer OS versions (after XP SP2, I believe, but not sure). This iso is a very good iso. I got Windows XP Pro SP2 as i wanted and it works fine with all of my old games like Half-Life 2 and many others. This is also the only legitimate copy because there is an official installer unlike the other iso's.

Windows creates a unique installation identification (ID) that is based on information from the product ID and a hardware identifier that are created when you install Window XP. To activate, use the Windows Product Activation wizard to provide the installation ID to Microsoft over the Internet or your phone line. Select the appropriate driver and continue the Windows XP installation. The setup will continue and this time it will recognize the SATA hard disk drive in your PC. This problem is quite common when trying to install Windows XP on newer computers because most if not all are using SATA hard drives.

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Using EI.cfg and PID.txt

Windows Xp Installation Id Generator
  1. Create these configuration files in a text editor such as Notepad.

  2. Save the files into the Sources folder on the installation media. Windows Setup will use these files automatically during installation.

  3. Run Windows Setup. Setup uses these files during the Windows PE configuration pass as soon as it is launched.


An answer file takes precedence over these files. If you use an answer file during installation, Windows Setup ignores the EI.cfg and PID.txt files.

EI.cfg Format

Windows Xp Installation Id Generator

The EI.cfg file specifies the values for the edition ID, the channel, and the volume license.

The EI.cfg file has the following format:

  • {Edition ID} must be a valid Windows Edition ID, for example, Enterprise. To get the current EditionID:

    • From a WIM file, use DISM /Get-ImageInfo and specify the index number or name of an image in the WIM:


      If you don't specify a name or an index number, the output won't include the Edition ID.

    • From an online or mounted image, use DISM /Get-CurrentEdition:

      For more information, see Take Inventory of an Image or Component Using DISM and DISM Windows Edition-Servicing Command-Line Options.

  • {Channel Type} must be either 'OEM' or 'Retail'

  • {Volume License} must be either 1, if this is a volume license, or 0, if this is not a volume license.

Here's an example of a EI.cfg file for an OEM-channel Enterprise edition image that's not volume licensed:

PID.txt Format

The PID.txt file contains the product key for the edition of Windows that you are installing.

The PID.txt file has the following format:

Where XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX is the product key.


'The product key entered does not match any of the Windows images available for installation. Enter a different product key.':

  • You may need to download a separate version of Windows. OEM versions are only available to OEMs, and volume licenses are only available to MSDN subscribers.
  • Ensure that you're using the right Edition ID in your EI.cfg file.

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Windows Xp Id Generator

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Windows Xp Installation Id Generator

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Windows Xp Installation Music

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Windows Xp Installation Id Generator Free

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I am a systems administrator and we are getting ready to deploy Windows 7 to our users. In our process of learning about activation, we activated a Windows 7 computer with our MAK key using Internet activation instead of doing proxy activation through VAMT 2.0. The computer is activated, but if we need to reinstall that computer (as it is a technician computer), we'll have to re-activate it and use another one of our allotted activations. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to gather the installation ID and confirmation ID off of that Windows 7 laptop so I can paste it into or VAMT 2.0 XML (.cil) file? That will give us the ability to just re-apply the confirmation ID should we need to reinstall that computer. I don't need to know how to paste the installation ID and confirmation ID into the.cil file as I already know how to do that.

Windows Xp Installation Cd

I'm more looking for a way to extract the installation ID and confirmation ID from the Windows 7 computer.

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