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Last Update by Jon 16/01/2021

Sailwave is primarily a Windows app and typically it is run on a Windows Laptop or Desktop. It runs on XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. Sailwave is a 32 bit App but runs fine on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64 bit operating systems.

You can also run Sailwave on Windows Tablets but not tablets that run Windows RT.

Download WineBottler Dev for Mac from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure Run Windows-based Programs on a Mac. No need to install emulators. Aug 13, 2019 64-bit – Driven by need. With 64-bit only macOS Catalina around the corner and therefore the imminent loss of 32-bit, I had to sort out my toolchain where Wine is still playing a major role.

It can be run on an Apple Mac or MacBook using various methods. It is possible to dual boot most Apple Mac’s with OSx or Windows but this requires purchasing a Windows license. You can also run Windows on your Mac using Parallels but again this requires a license purchase. If you already have either of these options on your Mac then install and run Sailwave as you would any other Windows App. There are some details of installing a free Virtual Machine on the Sailwave Facebook page.

If you are using the Catalina or Big Sur version of the MacOS see this section

For Mac OS Catalina – Apple removed support for 32bit applications which prevents it running many applications such as Winebottler however you can use Crossover – see for support, but don’t forget you can always run Sailwave on any old PC and use the Chrome Remote Desktop ( ) to use it on your Mac – it does work really well.

Winebottler For Mac

Crossover works with Big Sur on an Intel-based Mac but at the time of writing it didn’t with the Apple Silicon M1 based devices. It is currently under investigation. Sailwave does work well however on a M1 device running the Parallels Beta version with the Arm Windows. (See the Sailwave User Group or contact [email protected] for more details).

Otherwise, there is a program called WineBottler which will allow you to run Sailwave on your Mac which is free of charge. For more details please see the Sailwave User Group which contains links to a video. Note – when the video was produced you had to use the Beta version of WineBottler but the standard version is now fully capable of running Sailwave.


There is a commercial product similar to WineBottler called Crossover which has a free trial period and can be purchased for a small amount. Some users feel this is easier than WineBottler if you are not very technical.

Sailwave can also be run on Intel-based Chromebooks with the use of Crossover for Chromebooks which at the time for writing was free. Please see the Sailwave User Group for details of how a user install Sailwave on a Chromebook

You can run Sailwave on Linux PC’s by using Wine to emulate Windows.

You can’t run Sailwave on an iPad/iPhone or Android tablet but you can view the output of Sailwave on these devices. It is not recommended as the most usable option, but it is possible to run Sailwave on a PC somewhere and then use Chrome Remote Desktop ( ) installed on the PC, then on the iPad/iPhone or Android device install the App to connect to the PC and control the Sailwave running on the PC. It is useable but not as convenient as running on a Laptop.

Winebottler Catalina

There is at least one user who has been developing an Android app to collect the data which can be imported into Sailwave later.

How To Install Winebottler On Mac

Recent versions of Sailwave have a messaging system built in which allows data to be sent to and extracted from Sailwave by other apps. One user has developed a system where the entries can be directly entered into Sailwave from a Web-based registration and also results can be entered into a web page (Typically on a Tablet or iPad) These results are then entered into Sailwave automatically via the messaging system.

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