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  • Wolfram Mathematica. Performs all types of technical calculations. License:Shareware $172. Operating system:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Report incorrect info.
  • This PC software can manage the following extensions: ".m", ".ma" or ".nb".
  • The actual developer of the software is Wolfram Research, Inc. The most popular versions of the Wolfram Mathematica 12.0, 11.3 and 11.2. We recommend checking the downloaded files with any free antivirus.
  • It uses the Wolfram Language for writing code. Its flexible document-based interface lets you mix executable code, richly formatted text, dynamic graphics, and interactive interfaces.
  • Mathematica has over 6,000 built-in functions covering all areas of technical computing—all carefully integrated so they work perfectly together, and all included in the fully integrated Mathematica system.
  • Mathematica provides a progressively higher-level environment in which as much as possible is automated—so you can work as efficiently as possible.
Mathematica is built to provide industrial-strength capabilities—with robust, efficient algorithms across all areas, capable of handling large-scale problems, with parallelism, GPU computing and more.

PDF Mathematica 12 Downloads.

Mathematica uses the Wolfram Notebook Interface, which allows you to organize everything you do in rich documents that include text, runnable code, dynamic graphics, user interfaces and more. With its intuitive English-like function names and coherent design, the Wolfram Language is uniquely easy to read, write and learn.
  • With sophisticated computational aesthetics and award-winning design, Mathematica presents your results beautifully—instantly creating top-of-the-line interactive visualizations and publication-quality documents.
  • Mathematica has access to the vast Wolfram Knowledgebase, which includes up-to-the-minute real-world data across thousands of domains.
  • Mathematica is now seamlessly integrated with the cloud—allowing sharing, cloud computing and more in a unique and powerful hybrid cloud/desktop environment.
  • Mathematica is built to be connected to everything: file formats (180+), other languages, Wolfram Data Drop, APIs, databases, programs, the Internet of Things, devices—and even distributed instances of itself.
  • Get started with almost any project with help from 150,000+ examples in the Documentation Center, over 10,000 open-code Demonstrations in the Wolfram Demonstrations Project—and a host of other resources.
  • But here I’ll just concentrate on what’s new in Version 13.0 relative to Version 12.3; I’ve written before about Version 12.1, Version 12.2 and Version 12.3.
  • Don’t Forget Integrals!
  • Back in 1988 one of the features of Mathematica 1.0 that people really liked was the ability to do integrals symbolically.
  • Over the years, we’ve gradually.
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