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Do you need to open a WPS file?

Opening WPS Files in Windows

File Viewer Plus can open WPS (Microsoft Works Document) files. It includes a professional-quality document editor similar to Microsoft Word and allows you to convert your WPS file to various file formats, such as DOCX and PDF.

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Open WPS files without Microsoft Works. Try File Viewer Plus for free today! Free 14-day trial. WPS files are documents created by Microsoft Works Word Processor, which is an application included with the Microsoft Works office suite that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

Using an Online File Viewer

Works eventually declined in users due to the rise of Microsoft Word in the 2000s, and Microsoft discontinued the word processor in 2009. WPS files may store various documents, such as reports, letters, invitations, financial reports, resumes, or newsletters.

Opening WPS Files in Mac OS X

While WPS files were once commonly used for saving and sharing documents, most computer users now save documents as Microsoft Word DOCX and DOC files.

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However, you may still receive old WPS files from coworkers, friends, or family members. Or you may find WPS files on your computer that need to be updated.

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Whatever the case may be, File Viewer Plus can open and edit WPS files and convert the files to more widely supported formats, such as DOCX and PDF.
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